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Haul from Seoul: Holika Holika

10 Mar

Holika Holika Strawberry Pore Cover Mousse Starter and Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner No. 1

I only got two products at Holika Holika in Myeongdong because  it was overwhelming entering shops like theirs (cosmetics/skincare) because of a wide range of products that are cutely packaged and are relatively inexpensive. I cannot show you a swatch of either products because these are not for me  (these are for my sister who requested me to get them) and I didn’t get similar items for myself. 

Below are the freebies:

Holika Holika Freebies

Oh the Holika Holika box contains cotton sheets 🙂

Wish I had more time shopping there! We were only given two hours to shop in Myeongdong. I was literally rushing in and out of the many shops in the area that I have overlooked many things. There’s always a next time, right?

Have you been to Myeongdong?  Did  you have fun shopping there?

More shopping haul posts to follow! Cheers 🙂