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Online Shopping… Again :)

11 Oct

iheartkoreanbeauty little parcel

Yes, I am one impatient girl. Since my parcels from my ebay and Gmarket shopping haven’t arrived yet, I decided to buy a few things from Zhen of I made my order on October 1st and received the parcel on October 8th. She posted the parcel on the 5th and I got it so quick. Not that I am complaining 😉

It is always a breeze ordering from Zhen, she is accommodating and regularly communicates with me; she also sends me photos of the parcel before sending them. She is also generous with samples and indulges me with freebies albeit a small purchase.

Anyway, let’s look inside the little box. You can see that all items are properly bubble-wrapped so you are assured that the products are safe from breakage or spillage.

Skin79 Special Clear Set

 Charmzone Red Wine Set (Sample Size)

 the saem BB Cream

 Baviphat Snail Cure Mask Sheet

I haven’t tried any of the products since I just got them last Sunday.  I am keen to try the Baviphat Snail Cure Mask Sheet, though. I know there is currently a snail craze in the skin care world and I wanna join in the bandwagon hehe. I am actually eyeing the It’s Skin Creme d’Escargot since I have read rave reviews about the product. It’s a bit pricey but if it works on my oily/acne/sensitive skin, why not, right? 🙂

Like I said earlier, the seller is generous with samples…


… and freebies! Well, I asked Zhen if I can have one Lee Seung Gi postcard and she was kind enough to include not only one but three (!) postcards. Yay! Thanks so much!

Lee Seung Gi is ❤

I know I am on shopping detox but I just can’t help myself. I am still waiting for my ebay and 2 Gmarket packages but  😀

Do you love shopping online? Care to share your experience?


Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Mask

21 Sep

Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Mask (100 grams)

Photo Credit to Owner

I read about raves on the Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Mask so I wanted to get ahold of it too. (Note: Baviphat is a Korean skin care and cosmetic brand with cutely packaged products 🙂 The brand is endorsed by the Kpop band, FT Island) I ordered mine online as there are currently no Baviphat outlets here in Bangkok but I’ve seen some stalls in Siam Square selling them. With a really oily/acne skin, I felt the need to have a product like this which can lessen the oils and reduce pimples and redness on my face. Plus, I got really curious about it, too 🙂

It is a sleeping mask and I got the product description here and it says:

“Helps prevent/ get rid of acne problems and removes dead skin cells, aiding in skin renewal. Apply at night as last step of skin care routine and wash of the next morning with a facial cleanser. Recommended use is 2-3 times per week”.

The Apple AC Therapy Mask comes in a very cute plastic apple container. It comes with a double lid to avoid easy spillage. What is also good about this product is that it comes with a small spoon/ spatula. It is hygienic with me not having need to dip my finger into the container thus avoiding bacteria/ dirt to be contaminated to the whole jar.

Upon opening it, the delicious apple fragrance can be instantly smelled. It may smell like apples but it is not overpoweringly sweet. Its consistency is light but not runny, it is almost similar to Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin Cream.

I used it after cleansing, toning and moisturising my skin. I applied an adequate amount and massaged my face gently. It gave a cooling/ refreshing sensation that doesn’t tingle. Despite my skin’s oiliness, I woke up shiny but not oily in the morning. After washing the mask off my face, it left me with a soft skin. I also noticed that some of my pimples got smaller.

I haven’t used this in a week, though because I want to give my face a break at night. I had more redness, breakouts and bigger pimples from trying another product 😦

Anyway, have you tried Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Mask yet?