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2012 Gmarket Haul #3

20 Mar

Date Ordered and Paid: March 8

Date Shipped:  March 14

Date Delivered: March 17

(I have to pay duty, tax and fees so I have to pick it up at the post office AGAIN)

Date Picked Up: March 17

Total cost:  Gmarket (approx USD40) + shipping (approx USD20) + Duty, etc  (approx USD40)

Total Weight:  2.72Kg

 I chose not to write immediately about my Gmarket package because I want to avoid a lengthy ranting post. And YES, I was again disappointed of paying so much at the post office just to claim my detained package.

Since I have started buying from Gmarket, it was only once that it was delivered at my apartment. I know that Thailand has rules but it can get so frustrating… I also don’t understand how they assess the value of the products for they don’t open my boxes anymore (they opened only my first package from Gmarket). Like this recent haul for instance, the value that Gmarket declared was USD40 (which is the truth) but the post office’s assessment was USD100 and duty was computed from the value of the items in the package. Duty is a whooping 30% of the declared value. So for this haul, I paid more for the products I bought. Good times, eh?!

Anyway, I stop with my ranting and let’s proceed with what I bought. This haul was mainly skincare and cosmetics. I know I shouldn’t be buying from Gmarket since I just came back from Seoul but I realised that most of the products I bought are for family and friends so I reckon that I should have my own goodies, too 🙂

Who sent my package this time? 🙂

Tee-hee 😉

 Let’s have a look inside the box… Four different boxes mean four different sellers.

Let’s start with…

 The Coogi Cleantox Foaming Cleansers have good reviews in Gmarket. It is on a 1+1+1+1 promotion . I have yet to try them.

 The products that I got from Mizon are:

– All in One Snail Healing Cream on a 1+1+1 promotion (I have tried using the snail cream and I am liking it so far. Its formulation is light which suits my oily skin. I will make a longer review after at least two weeks use of the cream.)

– O’ Spa Interning Special Two in One Booster on a 1+1 promotion (This is a toner which is good for oily skin – as I have read from a user in Gmarket. I have yet to use it.)

– O’Hui Creamy Eyeshadow (I only swatched the eyeshadow and it is (a little too) shimmery and pigmented.)

 Mizon delayed this entire haul. I was kinda disappointed since I have read about rave reviews about this seller. I was also expecting for some samples as I was keen on trying their other skincare products. Sadly, though there is none and they have been generous with other buyers. Anyway, I got good deals with the products so I’ll let it pass.

I was too overwhelmed with the many shops and products in Myeongdong that’s why I did not purchase from It’s Skin. Thanks to Gmarket I was able to try some products.

The products that I got are:

– Makeover Crack Color in Silver (This looks good in the pictures but when I tried it, it doesn’t crack as much as the other nail polishes. I will keep on trying though and experiment since it’s a really pretty and unique colour for a crack nail polish)

– Power 10 Formula VB Effector (This is the product that’s good for oily skin. I have yet to use it. I’m excited to try it!)

– Babyface Petit Blusher No. 4 (I love it’s coral color. I haven’t tried it but I swatched it on my hand and it looks good. The package is just so cute to ignore :))

 Here are the freebies that It’s Skin sent me:

– Power 10 Formula GF Effector (It’s for supplying moisture to skin. I haven’t tried it)

– Mini Bebe Hand Cream

 I like Holika Holika products so these are what I got:

– Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner No. 5 (I have swatched this in the Holika Holika shop and I like the color and how easily it glided on my skin. I  have yet to try this on my eyes. )

– 3 Seconds Starter Hyaluronic Acid (I really wanted to get the Collagen type but I clicked on the wrong one but it’s alright. I have yet to try this, too.)

– Prime Miracle Snail Emulsion (I have tried the emulsion on my hand and it has a light feel, not thick and sticky. It has a faint fragrance that I don’t like, I can’t quite tell what it is, though. I haven’t tested it long enough to know if the smell fades.)

 I was surprised to see this in the box as I don’t remember ordering it :). So, it’s a freebie, yay! It was made in 2010 or 2011 I think, so it should expire soon. I have tried this twice and it was a breeze using it. It’s not really too brown so it looked natural on the eyes. Just a little dab of the brush on the gel liner would go a long way. I know I should finish this soon but I don’t know when I can. It’s a good product but they don’t sell this anymore. This doesn’t come with a brush.

More  Holika Holika freebies and samples: Makeup Starters, a box of cotton pads, a sample toner and emulsion of Black Caviar Wrinkle Recovery, and Luminous Silk Starter for BB sample (this is one of the new products).

 Yay for the samples and freebies again. I also would like to commend Holika Holika for delivering the goods so promptly. I ordered when it was on sale so I have expected them to deliver the products a bit late. I was surprised to see that these were the first to arrive in the Gmarket warehouse. I super recommend Holika Holika. It’s Skin was fast, too 🙂

So, that’s my Gmarket haul for this March and my 6th or 7th order from Gmarket since last year. I am not a Gmarket-addict, right?!

Please let me know which ones you like me to review, as well as the links for the products.

Have you tried shopping at Gmarket? Care to share your experience and haul?

To Gmarket users in Thailand, are your Gmarket packages detained in the post office, too? How much extra do you have to pay? I really appreciate if you share your experience. Thanks.

Cheers, everyone! 🙂

2012 Gmarket Haul #2

7 Feb

Date Ordered and Paid: January 26 & January 27*

Date Shipped:  January 31

Date Delivered: February 2

(I have to pay duty, tax and fees so I have to pick it up at the post office AGAIN)

Date Picked Up: February 4

Total cost:  Gmarket- approx USD75 + shipping- approx USD25 + Duty, etc – approx USD40

*I availed of Combined Shipping since one of my order got cancelled so I had to repurchase another item instead.

*** Sorry for this pic-heavy post.

So who sent my gmarket package this time? LOL 😀

I know I started the year with Gmarket shopping and a loooot of shopping at the malls too but I just couldn’t resist buying more stuff at Gmarket again. I know, I’m being defensive but I need another pair of boots and a bigger handbag for my winter trip plus the makeup I will be buying, I’ll give them away as presents. I’ll try 😉

So I got a really big box this time (box number 5) but it’s not really full. There are actually only 4 boxes and 1 package.

A peek inside the box.

group picture 😉

So, what are in those boxes? Let’s start with the black booties. I don’t really need it but I liked its style and price 🙂 So I got it. My first shoe purchase off Gmarket.

It’s pretty isn’t it? I ordered it in 245 (37.5)which is the real size of my feet. I was quite apprehensive to not give an extra allowance because there’s no 250 (38) anymore. I was surprised that it was loose… when I checked the size of the booties, it was a size 40.

It is an actual size 40. No wonder it was still big! I wore it to church and it was alright but walking a long time with it is really uncomfortable because it’s loose. I should try using thick insoles and see if there’s a difference.

I got this beige bag which is a BIG bag that I can use as a purse or an overnight bag. I got it for my trip 😉 so I can put winter gear inside as well as shopping goodies I plan to get! Yay! I haven’t used it yet but I opened it and it was true to size and colour as shown in Gmarket.

I also got an extra pair of comfy boots for my trip. It is an inexpensive pair, too. Hope these survive the long walks we’ll be doing in Seoul. The boots are actually tall boots but since I got big calves, they got a little tight but I can still use them, and I will. It came with free insoles (thanks to this seller, I got insoles I need for my black booties :))

To the more exciting part of my haul – make up and skincare! I got the following from the saem…

It’s actually my first time to buy the saem products at Gmarket.

… and the saem freebies… (the little box actually contains a few pieces of cotton pads)

I’m not really too sure what’s white thingy for… I reckon it’s for washing underwear?

For this haul, I also got Lacvert. I’ve been wanting to try Lacvert from LG Cosmetics and one major thing that attracted to me to purchase this set is because of the freebies. Yeah, Lacvert had me at freebies haha.

I was amazed at the good number of freebies… A full-sized aloe mist, cleansing cream, volume lifting cream, a mask sheet, 2 boxes of samples, AND there is even a can of Fanta apple. Fancy that?

Like always, I enjoy shopping at Gmarket… everything’s cool as what I had thought except for the booties but yeah, hope the insoles are good.

Have you tried Gmarket? You should, if you haven’t yet… you can find almost anything you want… Gmarket is not limited to shoes, clothes, make up, skincare, bags and whatnot… just search http://english.gmarket.co.kr and you’ll be hooked, like I am.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers! 🙂

By the way, let me know if you need reviews or links for the products by leaving a comment.  Thanks!

Waiting for my next Gmarket package

26 Jan

Hi! I’m back 😉

My Korean winter trip is coming up next month, so I found another reason to shop at Gmarket. Yes, I really can’t resist shopping and Gmarket  is so addicting, so I just placed my order earlier.

It was my plan to make a purchase at the end of the month but some items either got out of stock or changed into a higher price (promo event ended already) so for fear of frustration of items getting canceled, I decided to finally press the “pay” button of my shopping cart. If my calculations are right, I expect my haul to arrive sometime next week. Hopefully, I won’t pay extra duty tax this time. *fingers crossed*

I’m excited to receive two pairs of shoes, bag and some cosmetics and skincare from The Saem and Lacvert. 😀

As I will be going to Korea next month and another trip to the Philippines in July, I might force myself to go on a shopping diet. I haven’t finalised the rules for my “diet” though, if Gmarket is exempted from it 🙂 Oh I remember that in case I won’t have time to go shopping in Seoul (I will be joining a package tour so free time is close to nil), I’ll buy souvenirs from Korea in Gmarket just in time I visit home in July 🙂

But fo now, I can’t wait for my Gmarket haul to arrive.

Cheers 🙂

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Gmarket Haul for New Year 2012

10 Jan

Date Ordered and Paid: December 31, 2011

Date Shipped: January 3, 2012

Date Delivered: January 6, 2012

(I have to pay duty, tax and fees so I have to pick it up at the post office AGAIN).

Date Picked Up: January 7, 2012

I won Gmarket Top Blogger for November as well as in the Halloween event and with a couple of thousand won from excess prepaid shipping, I have enough Gcash in my Gaccount balance to be able to let me make a mini haul. And so I did. I promised a friend I’d get her something from Gmarket so I showed her the site. She was actually a little apprehensive that Gmarket would really “give” me that amount for winning top blogger. I explained to her that yes, Gmarket is reliable like that, when they say you win something from an event, they really mean it.

Anyway, here is our collective order.

The box is big but it is unfortunately 2/3 empty.

Here is my friend’s order:

The shoes are of good quality – no loose threads or excess glue can be seen. It also came with extra yellow shoelaces, free insoles, a note (too bad I can’t read Korean) and a lollipop. They fit well; sizing is true as indicated. The shoes are also made in Korea.

You can get the shoes here.

Since I’ll be going to Korea next month, I got two leggings. I bought both from this seller.

I also got a knitted top/dress that I was supposed to bring to Korea but unfortunately I ordered the wrong item. Boo! I’ll just give it to another friend since it was small for me.

The dress looks like the picture above. I got the dress from this seller.

My wrong choice of code for the dress that I liked made me a little sad because I was excited for the knitted dress that I will use for my trip. Well, it’s my fault. But all in all, Gmarket never fails me (my friend was in awe of Gmarket, too. We’ll be making another haul soon again). Thank you, Gmarket for choosing me and letting me win in your events 🙂 Oh, shipping is real quick too, considering that I made my order on New Year’s Eve.

By the way, I paid duty, vat and other fees again. I really don’t know how Thailand Post does it 😦 My package is not opened and only costs more than USD50. It only weighs 2.2kg, too. I could have been madder but at least I didn’t pay for this month’s haul. So, it’s still all good.

Thank you, Gmarket. I’m looking forward to more wins, tee-hee 🙂


Yay! My Gmarket November Haul is NOT Taxed!

24 Nov

My Gmarket combined shipments have arrived and been delivered to my apartment. Yahoo! I am especially ecstatic because this is the first time that I don’t pick up my parcel in the post office and NOT pay tax, duty and whathaveyou.

This is relatively a small package, lighter than my October haul but heavier than what I got in September. So, I can’t say if I was taxed because of its weight. I have another theory, though. For the first two orders, I put my name as the sender and receiver but this time I wrote a different person’s name (a Korean actor, actually. tee-hee) as the sender. I just thought that maybe the Custom’s officer will dispel any thought that I will sell the items that I ordered overseas since it would seem that the package was sent for me. OR maybe taxing EMS packages at the Customs are really all done randomly, and I just got lucky on my two packages 😉

I’m sooo happy that I am blabbering here 😛 Anyway, I can’t wait to go home!

Does your Gmarket parcel get taxed too? Or are you the lucky one to get away with it?

Cheers! 🙂