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Ebay Shopping No.2: Glitter and Shimmer Eyeshadows

12 Oct

Ebay Seller: edeal8

Date of Order and Payment: September 15

Date of Shipment: September 16

Date Received: October 11

I finally received this small ebay package yesterday. This was actually my first ebay purchase but it arrived really late. Well, I shouldn’t be complaining for I did not pay for shipping anyway. But I really panicked after the 2nd week of not receiving my order so I messaged the seller. She explained that packages from China really take long to arrive; she added that I have to inform them should I not receive it in 31-43 days! Whoa! That’s a looong time! I told the seller that I can wait. I really have no right to complain because it was shipped for free considering the price of the item. This is a pretty cheap purchase anyway 🙂

So what’s inside? Tadaaa!

It’s a dozen Lanmei glitter and shimmer eyeshadows I got here. Some sellers have a cheaper lot but they don’t ship to Thailand so I got these instead. I really have no expectations for this purchase because this is a first ebay purchase, so it’s more of a trial buy. I checked the reviews though and so far, these eyeshadows are fairly rated. The lot consisted of 6 glitter eyeshadows (or should I say, pure glitters) and 6 shimmer eyeshadows; both types are in powder form. The glitter ones are pure glitters and I will have no use for them, unless I go to costume parties, perform in a concert and the like, 😀

Here are the shimmer eyeshadows and their swatches (pls pardon the picture quality which do not give justice to the eyeshadows)…

*with flash*

*no flash*

I did not use an eye primer but I can tell, it’s really obvious too, that the shimmer eyeshadows are bright and pigmented. I haven’t tried them so I can’t say if they will last on my really oily face or not but I am satisfied with the shimmer eyeshadows. Oh, except for the white pot, it’s not a shimmer one, it just looks like flour haha 😛

Oh here’s a size comparizon of the Lanmei eyeshadow pot with my Lovely ME:EX and MAC eyeshadows.  Lanmei is the smallest of the three 🙂

small, smaller, smallest 🙂

I am satisfied with the quality of the eyeshadows even if I can only make use of the five out of the 12.  Maybe someday I can find a reason to use the glitter eye shadows, too.

By the way, the eyeshadows  colours are given out randomly, so you can’t tell what colour or what type you will get (one thing for sure is that you’ll get the glitter ones as they are labeled as such). This is a pretty inexpensive lot anyway, so it’s alright. The waiting time and opening-the-package-to-see-what-you-get is part of the surprise 🙂

Have you tried purchasing off ebay? What did you get?


First ebay Shopping

29 Sep

I love receiving snail mails, parcels or packages which I don’t get that often anymore.

Then I got (kinda!) addicted to shopping online. The whole process of ordering, waiting and arriving of my purchase is truly an exciting moment.

I’m not into ebay simply because I haven’t really took time to browse the site, so when I had the chance to navigate myself around ebay and read some reviews, I finally gave in.

I purchased twice but chose really inexpensive items. In case they get lost in the mail it wouldn’t hurt my pocket as much.

Anyway, I was happy to receive my second purchase yesterday; it arrived after 7 days (seller is from Hong Kong) via air mail (shipping was for free!). The seller was really nice. They corresponded with me like informing me that I might receive the item late and the like.

I ordered four bamboo brushes but to my dismay, I got only three 😦 I don’t really mind since like I mentioned earlier I got an inexpensive item but I know that it is right to inform the seller about the lacking item. The seller offered to refund me some money for repurchase. At first, I was fine without a refund as long as they send me the missing item. According to him, it will take a longer time to process resending items; complicated stuff. So yeah, I’m fine with the refund then. Update: The seller, edarenus is really nice, like you can feel his sincerity. He gave me a refund which is almost 2/3 of what i paid for plus I got to keep the item. He was prompt, too; the refund was already done today. When I gave him a positive feedback in ebay, he gave me a 10% off coupon to his website, I appreciate his effort that’s why I am going to buy new stuff from his website.

I’m now thinking what to get for my repurchase hehe. This also means one thing – I will be looking forward to another parcel soon. Yay for that! 😀

Have you tried ebay yet? Care to share?


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