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Weekend Collective Haul

8 Jun

Last weekend, I went to Central Chitlom (one of the posh malls here in Bangkok) to look for a birthday present for my boss. I was debating whether to get her a beauty product or a statement necklace, but I remembered that the last time I got her a beaded necklace, she only used it to the office once so I decided to get her a makeup item instead, of course with the hope that she  makes use of it well. After going up and down the different department store levels and sections and checking out several makeup counters, I settled to give her  Dior (not pictured). I didn’t get myself anything from any high end brand because I am saving it for duty free shopping at the airport when I travel next month.

As for my own goodies, I got mine from The Body Shop, The Face Shop and drugstores, Boots and Watsons.

The Body Shop

Shea Soap (I love its mild scent and its relatively moisturising effect.)

Shea Lip Butter (I had this ages ago so I thought it would be good to get another one again. I’m not liking its smell but it does relieve dry lips.)

Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue (I only used it once but I’m partial to anything mint.)

Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm Pomegranate (I didn’t use it yet but swatched it at the store. It is very sheer, almost colourless.)

Some of the succeeding items are not tested nor swatched yet, so please pardon if I have no comments for other products enumerated.


17 Photo Flawless Eye Pencil in Black Blue

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Temptress

Leif on Location 6-Piece Long Handle Brush Set (They’re very soft. I got this set for my trip next month.)

Revlon and The Face Shop Nail Polishes


–  Fearless (Both Revlon polishes are really creamy and opaque. They got small and narrow brushes, though.)

Lovely Me:ex PK109

Lovely Me:ex WH002 (This bottle has no Lovely Me:ex label which is weird.)

The Face Shop

Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover (This smells good and is gentle, too.)

Honey BB (One of The Face Shop’s new products, its consistency is like a mousse unlike regular BB creams.)

Mini Pet Sweet (This is the newest variant in the Mini Pet series.)

Lovely Me:ex Happy Chu Lip in PK101 (It is a lightly-tinted lip balm which is comparable to its competitions, Companies E and T’s products.)

Lovely Me:ex Nail Polish Remover (It smells good and not drying.)

It’s the weekend once again but I will not be doing a lot of shopping for beauty items after this haul. Aside from not really needing anything, I should be saving for my upcoming trip because I am certain that I will not be able to hold off the urge to purchase when I go to the Philippines.

I am planning to make detailed reviews and swatches of these items (maybe not all of the products) but if you are interested with anything, please don’t hesitate to let me know so I can review it first.

Hope you all have a fun and productive weekend! Don’t shop too much 😉

Cheers 🙂

The Face Shop BL604 and experimenting with flakies and glitters

6 Jun

Because I’m feeling a little blue, I decided to use my metallic blue nail polish from The Face Shop, BL 604. I got this a long time ago and I used it only twice. Surprisingly, the consistency is still dependable, it’s not thick and runny and very easy to apply. Its colour pay off is also good, that’s why with just one coat, you’re good to go.

The Face Shop BL604

I decided to just use one coating of BL604 because I want to experiment with glitters and flakies. I first decided to use essence Glisten Up on top of the blue nail polish. It turned out a little too green for my liking and has masked the blue-ness of the base colour. The jelly base of Glisten Up was coloured green and not sheer so I decided to try Crayon glitter nail polish (I’ll double check its name later) instead. The glitter nail polish comprises of hexagon and round holographic glitters as well as microglitters and are suspended on a sheer purple jelly base.

Apart from the flakies, the glitters just look like plain silver glitters in dim or outdoor lighting. But when blurred or pictured at a different angle or lighting, beautiful colours come out.

I think holographic glitters are good with dark nail polish, although I have yet to try them with a light coloured polish.

What do you think? Do you also like nail polish with holographic glitters? Which ones are your favourites? Care to share?

Cheers 🙂

The Face Shop Mini Pet Floral

19 May

I always drop by The Face Shop shop whenever I see one. Declaring (repeatedly!) that The Face Shop is one of my favourite brands is an obvious understatement. Anyway, one lunchtime when I couldn’t resist going to the mall, I knew I had to check out The Face Shop even though I don’t need anything.

And then I saw this (I actually have three – one I gave away and the other one is still unopened)…

The Face Shop Mini Pet Floral

The Mini Pet Floral is an uber-cutely packaged hand cream which was launched here around 2-3 months ago. Aside from Floral, there are actually three more variants – Fruit, Baby and the newest one, Sweet.

First Impressions: The cute package with a kitty peeking out the pot is so adorable to ignore. Though it may look bulky, it is really small at around 2 inches in height and the base measures at 1 inch in diameter. It can easily be tucked into my big office purse so the mini pet comes with me to work. It is a little unhygienic though as I have to dip my fingers in the pot every time I apply the hand cream.

Scent: The Mini Pet series is a perfumed hand cream. According to The Face Shop Thailand Facebook, Floral is inspired by Dior’s “Addict to Life”. I haven’t really smelled that perfume but Mini Pet Floral does not contain that overpoweringly heady floral scent. I’m not really into floral scents (well, except for cherry blossoms!) but this one is very mild and with only little hints of flower scents (but I can’t figure out what flowers they actually are).

Hand Cream: It does not really moisturise or soften my hands that much but it can counter the effects of the drying hand wash we have in our office toilet, so it’s good and helpful enough for me.

Price: THB245 (at 30 grams) =approximately US$8.50 It is probably reasonable if for the novelty of the packaging but there should be similarly-priced hand creams with better moisturising effects.

Availability: The Mini Pet hand creams are available at The Face Shop. There are several The Face Shop shops that can be found in Bangkok and other areas.

Do I recommend/ buy again? Yes, if you like cutely-packaged products but if you are looking for a moisturising hand cream, the mini pet may not be the one for you. And will I buy again? I have an unused one, remember? 😉

*** I realised that it will be such a waste to just chuck it in the recycling bin when I finish so I’ll recycle it myself and make it as a paper weight. Do you think it’s a good idea? 🙂

What’s your favourite hand cream? Care to share?

Hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday!

Cheers 🙂

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My First Attempt at Sponging (Nail Art)

3 May

I have  this nail polish hoarder’s mindset that I always don’t have enough nail polish, but checking my nail polish storage case would indicate otherwise. I may not own the biggest nail polish collection but I still have around 20 or so unopened or untried bottles waiting for my attention.

Upon checking out these unused and unswatched yet bottles, I chose one of the nail polish I got from The Face Shop which was purchased two months ago. This nail polish is called Lovely ME:EX PK 103. One of the new colours from the Love ME:Ex collection, PK 103 is a shimmery pink polish, too cute and sweet to resist (the colour actually reminds me of a cotton candy). Its consistency is not sticky but just-enough watery for easy application. While it has a good consistency and is a breeze to apply, it is too light pink and young-looking for my liking (not that I want to portray an old-er image ;)). The colour unfortanely made my hands looked a little too dark, too.

Lovely ME:EX PK103

I wanted to change my polish right after I finished but then I waited for a day to let the colour grow on me. And yes, it doesn’t really suit me at all. When I got home, I remembered that instead of applying a new colour or crack nail polish, why don’t I try sponging? I was a little hesitant  at first because I don’t have a sponge for nail art and I haven’t watched enough “sponging” videos on youtube to let me do it properly, but then I can always re-apply if I fail at my first attempt.

So that’s what I did… I got a new bath sponge that is a little dense and cut a portion to use for my “experiment”. I put some nail polish on the sponge and lightly dabbed the “nail polished-ed” part of the sponge on my nails to give a gradient effect. By the way, you can always check out the nail polish gurus in youtube for a clearer explanation. I’m no expert on this and I really just tried if I can make it work or not.


And here’s how it looked after…

Here’s my messy masterpiece, my first attempt at sponging for nail art

The products I used are the following:

Peripera PP109 – Lovely ME:EX PK103 – Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope

Albeit imperfect, I somewhat liked how it looked (only on some nails) . I want to try doing it again. Although my nails are really short and small, it was possible to do this kind of nail art. It was rather easy to do, especially when I get the hang of precisely doing it.

Have you tried sponging on your nails? Did you find it easy to do? Care to share your masterpieces?

Cheers 🙂

Kim Hyun Joong’s The Face Shop 2012 Calendar

27 Mar

I went shopping a few weekends ago at The Face Shop and among the many samples and freebies the sales attendant gave me was The Face Shop 2012 calendar featuring their endorser, Kim Hyun Joong. This calendar should be very precious to all his fans (including me hehe) out there as it contains his different pictures for every month. Like what I said in my earlier post, I will make an entry showing the pictures from the desktop calendar.

Anyway, here are the scans…I know we’re almost entering April but anyhow, enjoy! (Picture-heavy post, sorry)

The Face Shop 2012 Calendar’s cover and first few pages

the calendar and pictures

I decided to just combine two months in one picture because it’s going to be a really long post.

January & February

March & April

May & June

July & August

September & October

November & December

So, how do you like The Face Shop 2012 calendar? Which months are your favourites?  To those who want to see Kim Hyun Joong’s full pictures for each month, please just comment or email me and I’ll share them with you.

Cheers 🙂