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Weekend Collective Haul

8 Jun

Last weekend, I went to Central Chitlom (one of the posh malls here in Bangkok) to look for a birthday present for my boss. I was debating whether to get her a beauty product or a statement necklace, but I remembered that the last time I got her a beaded necklace, she only used it to the office once so I decided to get her a makeup item instead, of course with the hope that she  makes use of it well. After going up and down the different department store levels and sections and checking out several makeup counters, I settled to give her  Dior (not pictured). I didn’t get myself anything from any high end brand because I am saving it for duty free shopping at the airport when I travel next month.

As for my own goodies, I got mine from The Body Shop, The Face Shop and drugstores, Boots and Watsons.

The Body Shop

Shea Soap (I love its mild scent and its relatively moisturising effect.)

Shea Lip Butter (I had this ages ago so I thought it would be good to get another one again. I’m not liking its smell but it does relieve dry lips.)

Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue (I only used it once but I’m partial to anything mint.)

Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm Pomegranate (I didn’t use it yet but swatched it at the store. It is very sheer, almost colourless.)

Some of the succeeding items are not tested nor swatched yet, so please pardon if I have no comments for other products enumerated.


17 Photo Flawless Eye Pencil in Black Blue

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Temptress

Leif on Location 6-Piece Long Handle Brush Set (They’re very soft. I got this set for my trip next month.)

Revlon and The Face Shop Nail Polishes


–  Fearless (Both Revlon polishes are really creamy and opaque. They got small and narrow brushes, though.)

Lovely Me:ex PK109

Lovely Me:ex WH002 (This bottle has no Lovely Me:ex label which is weird.)

The Face Shop

Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover (This smells good and is gentle, too.)

Honey BB (One of The Face Shop’s new products, its consistency is like a mousse unlike regular BB creams.)

Mini Pet Sweet (This is the newest variant in the Mini Pet series.)

Lovely Me:ex Happy Chu Lip in PK101 (It is a lightly-tinted lip balm which is comparable to its competitions, Companies E and T’s products.)

Lovely Me:ex Nail Polish Remover (It smells good and not drying.)

It’s the weekend once again but I will not be doing a lot of shopping for beauty items after this haul. Aside from not really needing anything, I should be saving for my upcoming trip because I am certain that I will not be able to hold off the urge to purchase when I go to the Philippines.

I am planning to make detailed reviews and swatches of these items (maybe not all of the products) but if you are interested with anything, please don’t hesitate to let me know so I can review it first.

Hope you all have a fun and productive weekend! Don’t shop too much 😉

Cheers 🙂

Ebay Shopping No.2: Glitter and Shimmer Eyeshadows

12 Oct

Ebay Seller: edeal8

Date of Order and Payment: September 15

Date of Shipment: September 16

Date Received: October 11

I finally received this small ebay package yesterday. This was actually my first ebay purchase but it arrived really late. Well, I shouldn’t be complaining for I did not pay for shipping anyway. But I really panicked after the 2nd week of not receiving my order so I messaged the seller. She explained that packages from China really take long to arrive; she added that I have to inform them should I not receive it in 31-43 days! Whoa! That’s a looong time! I told the seller that I can wait. I really have no right to complain because it was shipped for free considering the price of the item. This is a pretty cheap purchase anyway 🙂

So what’s inside? Tadaaa!

It’s a dozen Lanmei glitter and shimmer eyeshadows I got here. Some sellers have a cheaper lot but they don’t ship to Thailand so I got these instead. I really have no expectations for this purchase because this is a first ebay purchase, so it’s more of a trial buy. I checked the reviews though and so far, these eyeshadows are fairly rated. The lot consisted of 6 glitter eyeshadows (or should I say, pure glitters) and 6 shimmer eyeshadows; both types are in powder form. The glitter ones are pure glitters and I will have no use for them, unless I go to costume parties, perform in a concert and the like, 😀

Here are the shimmer eyeshadows and their swatches (pls pardon the picture quality which do not give justice to the eyeshadows)…

*with flash*

*no flash*

I did not use an eye primer but I can tell, it’s really obvious too, that the shimmer eyeshadows are bright and pigmented. I haven’t tried them so I can’t say if they will last on my really oily face or not but I am satisfied with the shimmer eyeshadows. Oh, except for the white pot, it’s not a shimmer one, it just looks like flour haha 😛

Oh here’s a size comparizon of the Lanmei eyeshadow pot with my Lovely ME:EX and MAC eyeshadows.  Lanmei is the smallest of the three 🙂

small, smaller, smallest 🙂

I am satisfied with the quality of the eyeshadows even if I can only make use of the five out of the 12.  Maybe someday I can find a reason to use the glitter eye shadows, too.

By the way, the eyeshadows  colours are given out randomly, so you can’t tell what colour or what type you will get (one thing for sure is that you’ll get the glitter ones as they are labeled as such). This is a pretty inexpensive lot anyway, so it’s alright. The waiting time and opening-the-package-to-see-what-you-get is part of the surprise 🙂

Have you tried purchasing off ebay? What did you get?


Nail Polish Love: Lovely ME:EX BR801

4 Oct

This is my first ever light-coloured pastel nail polish. This nail polish is from Lovely ME:EX, a sub-brand of The Face Shop, but I didn’t realise until I got home that it doesn’t have the brand name imprinted on the bottle like my other Lovely ME:EX bottle. I’m not sure if it’s unusual since this is only my second bottle from the same brand.

Anyway, on to the nail polish, I am not sure if my title “Nail Polish Love” is apt for this Lovely ME:EX variant. Its consistency is so thick and sticky that applying it on my nail is hard especially for a non-expert like me. The nail polish got lumpy and thick but I managed albeit not perfectly.

But apart from my ranting, I really like its light peach-flesh colour on my nails. I applied three layers of the nail polish to achieve the color in the bottle. The tint may not make my hand look fairer but I don’t mind. Also, besides it being inexpensive, I got it on a discount price so it was a good buy.

The three-layered nail polish cracked after three days, though.

Have you tried this one yet?


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Nail Polish Shopping at The Face Shop

30 Sep

It’s payday today 🙂 I quickly browsed a few shops and checked out what stuff I can get. I got out of a couple of shops empty-handed but not in The Face Shop.

I needed or shall I say I wanted a few other things but they’re not available in The Face Shop at Siam Paragon (I’m planning to go to CentralWorld tomorrow anyway) so I just got these lovelies. There’s a 15% discount at all Face Shop items at Siam Paragon; I’m not sure when the promo will end though. (Off topic: All Philosophy items are at 40% off which I have yet to check  what the good deals are tomorrow.)

After a week of wearing red nail polish, I’m changing to the beige/ very light peach one (couldn’t quite read the code) tomorrow or most probably tonight.

 Note: I’ll post the individual nail polish photos later. I really don’t know what’s wrong but the lay out of the whole page gets messed up with those photos. 

The Face Shop Nail Nutrition Coat


The Face SHop BL604


Lovely ME:EX BR801

I just love, love colour on my nails. What’s your fave?


Nail Polish Love: Lovely ME:EX RD301

26 Sep
Nice red tint

Nice red tint

Nail polish makes me happy 😉

I have regained my love for painting my nails. I change my nail colour twice or thrice a week depending on my mood 😉

I love red nail polish and I’m glad to have bought and tried the Lovely ME:EX RD301 (weird name for a nail polish, right?) at The Face Shop in Central Rama 3 here in Bangkok. RD301 is bright pastel red which gives a youthful tinge. It’s perfect for the young and young-at-heart 😉

The nail polish consistency is not runny and not thick either so it was easy to apply on the nails.

I included pictures with RD301 on my nails. It’s not perfect with the smudges and all but in my opinion it’s still not bad considering my short and imperfectly-shaped nails.

Update: Lovely ME:EX RD301 is of good quality. It did not chip on my nails until the 6th day.

Care to share about your favourite nail polish or nail polish colour?


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