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Nail Polish Shopping at The Face Shop

30 Sep

It’s payday today 🙂 I quickly browsed a few shops and checked out what stuff I can get. I got out of a couple of shops empty-handed but not in The Face Shop.

I needed or shall I say I wanted a few other things but they’re not available in The Face Shop at Siam Paragon (I’m planning to go to CentralWorld tomorrow anyway) so I just got these lovelies. There’s a 15% discount at all Face Shop items at Siam Paragon; I’m not sure when the promo will end though. (Off topic: All Philosophy items are at 40% off which I have yet to check  what the good deals are tomorrow.)

After a week of wearing red nail polish, I’m changing to the beige/ very light peach one (couldn’t quite read the code) tomorrow or most probably tonight.

 Note: I’ll post the individual nail polish photos later. I really don’t know what’s wrong but the lay out of the whole page gets messed up with those photos. 

The Face Shop Nail Nutrition Coat


The Face SHop BL604


Lovely ME:EX BR801

I just love, love colour on my nails. What’s your fave?


First ebay Shopping

29 Sep

I love receiving snail mails, parcels or packages which I don’t get that often anymore.

Then I got (kinda!) addicted to shopping online. The whole process of ordering, waiting and arriving of my purchase is truly an exciting moment.

I’m not into ebay simply because I haven’t really took time to browse the site, so when I had the chance to navigate myself around ebay and read some reviews, I finally gave in.

I purchased twice but chose really inexpensive items. In case they get lost in the mail it wouldn’t hurt my pocket as much.

Anyway, I was happy to receive my second purchase yesterday; it arrived after 7 days (seller is from Hong Kong) via air mail (shipping was for free!). The seller was really nice. They corresponded with me like informing me that I might receive the item late and the like.

I ordered four bamboo brushes but to my dismay, I got only three 😦 I don’t really mind since like I mentioned earlier I got an inexpensive item but I know that it is right to inform the seller about the lacking item. The seller offered to refund me some money for repurchase. At first, I was fine without a refund as long as they send me the missing item. According to him, it will take a longer time to process resending items; complicated stuff. So yeah, I’m fine with the refund then. Update: The seller, edarenus is really nice, like you can feel his sincerity. He gave me a refund which is almost 2/3 of what i paid for plus I got to keep the item. He was prompt, too; the refund was already done today. When I gave him a positive feedback in ebay, he gave me a 10% off coupon to his website, I appreciate his effort that’s why I am going to buy new stuff from his website.

I’m now thinking what to get for my repurchase hehe. This also means one thing – I will be looking forward to another parcel soon. Yay for that! 😀

Have you tried ebay yet? Care to share?


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Nail Polish Love: Lovely ME:EX RD301

26 Sep
Nice red tint

Nice red tint

Nail polish makes me happy 😉

I have regained my love for painting my nails. I change my nail colour twice or thrice a week depending on my mood 😉

I love red nail polish and I’m glad to have bought and tried the Lovely ME:EX RD301 (weird name for a nail polish, right?) at The Face Shop in Central Rama 3 here in Bangkok. RD301 is bright pastel red which gives a youthful tinge. It’s perfect for the young and young-at-heart 😉

The nail polish consistency is not runny and not thick either so it was easy to apply on the nails.

I included pictures with RD301 on my nails. It’s not perfect with the smudges and all but in my opinion it’s still not bad considering my short and imperfectly-shaped nails.

Update: Lovely ME:EX RD301 is of good quality. It did not chip on my nails until the 6th day.

Care to share about your favourite nail polish or nail polish colour?


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Skinfood Aloe Water Eye & Lip Remover

22 Sep
Skinfood Aloe Water Eye & Lip Remover

Skinfood Aloe Water Eye & Lip Remover

I already ran out of my make up remover and what I have in stock is Skinfood Aloe Water Eye & Lip Remover. It comes in 100ml transparent plastic bottle.

From its label: Skinfood Aloe Eye & Lip Remover is a water-based remover with aloe ingredients to clearly remove color make up with a cool touch.

Its ingredients are Water, Rosa Centifolia Flower Water, Butylene Glycol, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Disodium Edta, Methylparaben, CI 42090, CI 19140

I know I should check what those ingredients are but I already tried the make up remover tonight.

It is wrapped in plastic and sealed so I’m certain that it’s new and unopened. It has a faint sweet aloe scent that you can smell only if you put the bottle close to your nose. I dabbed a few drops to a cotton pad and pressed it on my eyes for 5 seconds (or longer), it removed the eye shadow but not the waterproof mascara. I had to scrub mascara off of my lashes a few times. I have to use a lot of product to completely clean my eyes.

I tried to test Maybelline Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara, Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara and Holika Holika Enamel Magic Liquid Eyeliner on my hand and dabbed a cotton pad soaked in the Aloe Water for 10 seconds. It didn’t work instantly (see last picture below) so I scrubbed them off gently until they were completely removed.

This bottle is inexpensive (I got it from an online seller based here in Bangkok) so I don’t mind that it takes an effort for it to work. I’m still gonna use the product. After all, patience is a virtue, right? 😉

Have you tried Skinfood Aloe Water Eye & Lip Remover? Care to share?


Testing on mascara and liquid eyeliner

Testing on mascara and liquid eyeliner



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Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Mask

21 Sep

Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Mask (100 grams)

Photo Credit to Owner

I read about raves on the Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Mask so I wanted to get ahold of it too. (Note: Baviphat is a Korean skin care and cosmetic brand with cutely packaged products 🙂 The brand is endorsed by the Kpop band, FT Island) I ordered mine online as there are currently no Baviphat outlets here in Bangkok but I’ve seen some stalls in Siam Square selling them. With a really oily/acne skin, I felt the need to have a product like this which can lessen the oils and reduce pimples and redness on my face. Plus, I got really curious about it, too 🙂

It is a sleeping mask and I got the product description here and it says:

“Helps prevent/ get rid of acne problems and removes dead skin cells, aiding in skin renewal. Apply at night as last step of skin care routine and wash of the next morning with a facial cleanser. Recommended use is 2-3 times per week”.

The Apple AC Therapy Mask comes in a very cute plastic apple container. It comes with a double lid to avoid easy spillage. What is also good about this product is that it comes with a small spoon/ spatula. It is hygienic with me not having need to dip my finger into the container thus avoiding bacteria/ dirt to be contaminated to the whole jar.

Upon opening it, the delicious apple fragrance can be instantly smelled. It may smell like apples but it is not overpoweringly sweet. Its consistency is light but not runny, it is almost similar to Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin Cream.

I used it after cleansing, toning and moisturising my skin. I applied an adequate amount and massaged my face gently. It gave a cooling/ refreshing sensation that doesn’t tingle. Despite my skin’s oiliness, I woke up shiny but not oily in the morning. After washing the mask off my face, it left me with a soft skin. I also noticed that some of my pimples got smaller.

I haven’t used this in a week, though because I want to give my face a break at night. I had more redness, breakouts and bigger pimples from trying another product 😦

Anyway, have you tried Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Mask yet?