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Thank you, Lord for good friends Part 2

27 Oct

As many of you may know, some parts of Bangkok and its nearby provinces are currently inundated. One of its many effects to Bangkok/ Thai residents is the shortage of goods and necessities brought about by damaged factories, impassable roads, and hoarding of the people. I have been going in and out of the supermarket for the last two months but I did not indulge in panic buying, maybe because I live by myself, I have enough stock at home and I was positive that nothing grave will happen to the city. (As of now, there is no flooding in my office and apartment area which I am thankful of. The government declared special public holidays from now until the 31st but our company is open for business).  BUT, with news that a high level of water is to be expected on the weekend, I felt that I should prepare more just in case it will take days for the flood level to go down. Seeing that I cannot rely in the contents of my emergency bag (yes, I have one. I prepared one since the earthquake happened in Japan early this year) and pantry, I have been visiting the grocery for four days in a row now. Unfortunately, from where I live, there are no bottled water, tissue, biscuits, tinned food and the like are left. So I decided to get soda, green tea and whatever liquid and food that can be helpful to sustain me. It’s been especially hot and sunny these days, so water or any liquid is of high importance.

To cut the long story short, I got myself a case of canned soda and a box of cupcakes last night when one of the motorcycle taxi drivers saw my shopping bag. Yeah, I am “friends” with motorcycle taxi drivers near my street. Anyway, he told me I’d get big and fat upon seeing what I bought. I told him that I can’t find bottled water anywhere so I made do with the Fanta. He mumbled something but I can’t comprehend given my little understanding of Thai. This afternoon, I saw the same motorcycle taxi driver and he asked me if I still want some water. Before I even said yes, he gave me a dozen bottled water and told me he knew a place where to get it. Of course, I paid for the lot but it was really heartwarming for a stranger to show concern to me. It felt good that he remembered me and what I needed. He’s not even obliged to find some water for me.

I’m really happy and blessed that amid the panic, confusion and waiting for an impending unfortunate event, there are still people who care for other people and experiencing it first hand is such a warm feeling. (Oh, I forgot to share another feel-good experience when we volunteered to pack goods at the Flood Relief Operations Center last week. I’ll write a separate post for it).

Thank you, Lord for good friends and helpful strangers.

Gmarket Haul for October

18 Oct

Date Ordered: October 9, 2011

Date Shipped: October 13, 2011

Date Delivered*: October 16, 2011

*Unsuccessful Delivery, item held at Post Office

Date Picked Up: October 17, 2011

Please pardon me for this post as it is pic-heavy.

So, I finally got my Gmarket haul… Unfortunately, I have to pay at the Post Office again. I paid more than USD40 for custom’s duty, tax, and delivery fee (taxi fare included) for my 3.3kg haul. I think picking it up at the post office will be a part of my Gmarket shopping as this happened to me twice this month already.

As you can see in the picture, my box was opened again but none of the packages inside was checked. The box may look big but it is not full.

The box is two-thirds full and it contains 2 boxes and three packages which contain the following…

The dress is from here.

Pic from seller.

freebies from Tony Moly

The Tony Moly products are from this seller. I got Tea Tree mask sheets, AC Control spot patch, nail polish, Dr. Tony AC Control Toner, Eggpore Silky Smooth Balm, and Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack.

I am not sure what this is but this came with the Tony Moly freebies. Anyone knows what this is?

I got the travel kit here. The Isa Knox eye cream sachet is a freebie.

Bag can be found here.

Pic from seller.

This bag is from here.

Pic from seller.

I was surprised to receive a freebie from the bag seller.

I am quite satisfied  with my purchases. Nothing was amiss, oh except for the blue bag that has a zipper that was stuck at the beginning. But, in total, everything seems in good condition. The sellers and Gmarket shipped them real quick. I was also thankful for the freebies, too 🙂

I am getting used to navigating around Gmarket, it may take heaps of patience for a non-Korean like me but that’s part of the fun of shopping at the site.

I am itching to get my next  haul but I am really hesitant for my package might get taxed again. Maybe I will wait ’til November.

Are you a Gmarket-shopaholic too? What’s your Gmarket shopping experience?


Nail Polish Love: Nature Republic Color Waltz BL503

18 Oct

I love Nature Republic’s Color Waltz BL503. I bought this quite awhile back but I wasn’t too keen to use it because I thought it’s too “white”. But, no… it may seem pale or bordering on beige-y looking at the bottle but it turned out a nice light blue on my nails. The nail polish wasn’t that thick and creamy so it was a breeze applying it. I had to put three layers, though or it may look sheer.

My manicure lasted me a week as it didn’t chip easily. If you feel like having the same nail polish for a week then the Color Waltz BL503 is good. I can’t compare this with other Color Waltz nail polishes as I only have one from this line 🙂


My Gmarket (EMS) Package Got Taxed AGAIN

16 Oct


I am expecting my Gmarket haul this morning. I was worried I wouldn’t get my package AGAIN like what happened last week. And then, what I feared happened for the second time. All I got today was the claim stub indicating the amount I have to pay to get my package.

My order this time weighs 3.4kgs (last week was only 1.3kg) which is small compared to other hauls from other countries I read from different blogs. I really don’t know how things are done at the Thai Post Office or Customs or whatever. The EMS Call Center can’t tell me the reason behind the additional payment. It could be random and I got VERY lucky twice. Paying customs duty and tax I know is a legal responsibility but paying for two packages in a row is just too much for me, including the effort, time and additional expense of picking them up at the post office. It is just so frustrating. Part of the reason I do online shopping is the joy of receiving the package but all that’s been happening is the contrary, which is additional hassle and expense.

What could the reasons be? Do they think I’m gonna sell the items I ordered? Is it because the packages were sent via EMS? My packages sent by registered mail are delivered to me without any complications, but then again these packages don’t exceed 1kg. Oh, I remember a DHL package, sent to me five years ago, was taxed too. I really have no clue why I am being asked to pay customs duty and tax. Does anyone (who lives in Thailand) have a similar post office experience?


I think this is a sign to curb my Gmarket addiction. I was actually just waiting for this upcoming package to arrive before I purchase from the site again but I think I have to slow it down a bit. I can’t take any more of the complicated postal system for now.

Maybe next month again? 😉 I am not sure. I really don’t want my package to be taxed again. If only Gmarket has another shipping option then I can compare shipping types and test how the postal system works here.

THANK YOU, Lord for good friends…

14 Oct

I think I am getting old… I left my wallet and coin purse in my apartment this morning and I have no loose coins or notes in my bag. Argh?! Imagine my embarrassment scouring my bag for my wallet as I have to pay my fare. Good thing, though, that the motorcycle taxi driver (yeah, we have motorcycle taxis here in Bangkok) knows me by face. He was super kind enough to tell me, “it’s okay”. I told him I will look for him this afternoon and give him the money. I was so relieved despite my embarrassment. Motorcycle fare – solved.

My next problem is my lunch and cab fare going home. I saw my colleague in the lift and I told her I left my wallet. She was kind enough to tell me that she can lend me some money. I told her 100 baht will be fine for me (I wasn’t planning to eat lunch :)) but she gave me more including a sandwich. I was so touched by her gesture. Brekkie-lunch-cab fare money – solved, too.

I owe these two good persons so much today.

Thank you, Lord for good friends and for making this day seem easier despite the difficulty of forgetting my wallet at home. Please bless them always. I promise I will pay it forward. Amen.