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Gmarket Haul for New Year 2012

10 Jan

Date Ordered and Paid: December 31, 2011

Date Shipped: January 3, 2012

Date Delivered: January 6, 2012

(I have to pay duty, tax and fees so I have to pick it up at the post office AGAIN).

Date Picked Up: January 7, 2012

I won Gmarket Top Blogger for November as well as in the Halloween event and with a couple of thousand won from excess prepaid shipping, I have enough Gcash in my Gaccount balance to be able to let me make a mini haul. And so I did. I promised a friend I’d get her something from Gmarket so I showed her the site. She was actually a little apprehensive that Gmarket would really “give” me that amount for winning top blogger. I explained to her that yes, Gmarket is reliable like that, when they say you win something from an event, they really mean it.

Anyway, here is our collective order.

The box is big but it is unfortunately 2/3 empty.

Here is my friend’s order:

The shoes are of good quality – no loose threads or excess glue can be seen. It also came with extra yellow shoelaces, free insoles, a note (too bad I can’t read Korean) and a lollipop. They fit well; sizing is true as indicated. The shoes are also made in Korea.

You can get the shoes here.

Since I’ll be going to Korea next month, I got two leggings. I bought both from this seller.

I also got a knitted top/dress that I was supposed to bring to Korea but unfortunately I ordered the wrong item. Boo! I’ll just give it to another friend since it was small for me.

The dress looks like the picture above. I got the dress from this seller.

My wrong choice of code for the dress that I liked made me a little sad because I was excited for the knitted dress that I will use for my trip. Well, it’s my fault. But all in all, Gmarket never fails me (my friend was in awe of Gmarket, too. We’ll be making another haul soon again). Thank you, Gmarket for choosing me and letting me win in your events 🙂 Oh, shipping is real quick too, considering that I made my order on New Year’s Eve.

By the way, I paid duty, vat and other fees again. I really don’t know how Thailand Post does it 😦 My package is not opened and only costs more than USD50. It only weighs 2.2kg, too. I could have been madder but at least I didn’t pay for this month’s haul. So, it’s still all good.

Thank you, Gmarket. I’m looking forward to more wins, tee-hee 🙂


Yay! My Gmarket November Haul is NOT Taxed!

24 Nov

My Gmarket combined shipments have arrived and been delivered to my apartment. Yahoo! I am especially ecstatic because this is the first time that I don’t pick up my parcel in the post office and NOT pay tax, duty and whathaveyou.

This is relatively a small package, lighter than my October haul but heavier than what I got in September. So, I can’t say if I was taxed because of its weight. I have another theory, though. For the first two orders, I put my name as the sender and receiver but this time I wrote a different person’s name (a Korean actor, actually. tee-hee) as the sender. I just thought that maybe the Custom’s officer will dispel any thought that I will sell the items that I ordered overseas since it would seem that the package was sent for me. OR maybe taxing EMS packages at the Customs are really all done randomly, and I just got lucky on my two packages 😉

I’m sooo happy that I am blabbering here 😛 Anyway, I can’t wait to go home!

Does your Gmarket parcel get taxed too? Or are you the lucky one to get away with it?

Cheers! 🙂

Gmarket Haul for October

18 Oct

Date Ordered: October 9, 2011

Date Shipped: October 13, 2011

Date Delivered*: October 16, 2011

*Unsuccessful Delivery, item held at Post Office

Date Picked Up: October 17, 2011

Please pardon me for this post as it is pic-heavy.

So, I finally got my Gmarket haul… Unfortunately, I have to pay at the Post Office again. I paid more than USD40 for custom’s duty, tax, and delivery fee (taxi fare included) for my 3.3kg haul. I think picking it up at the post office will be a part of my Gmarket shopping as this happened to me twice this month already.

As you can see in the picture, my box was opened again but none of the packages inside was checked. The box may look big but it is not full.

The box is two-thirds full and it contains 2 boxes and three packages which contain the following…

The dress is from here.

Pic from seller.

freebies from Tony Moly

The Tony Moly products are from this seller. I got Tea Tree mask sheets, AC Control spot patch, nail polish, Dr. Tony AC Control Toner, Eggpore Silky Smooth Balm, and Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack.

I am not sure what this is but this came with the Tony Moly freebies. Anyone knows what this is?

I got the travel kit here. The Isa Knox eye cream sachet is a freebie.

Bag can be found here.

Pic from seller.

This bag is from here.

Pic from seller.

I was surprised to receive a freebie from the bag seller.

I am quite satisfied  with my purchases. Nothing was amiss, oh except for the blue bag that has a zipper that was stuck at the beginning. But, in total, everything seems in good condition. The sellers and Gmarket shipped them real quick. I was also thankful for the freebies, too 🙂

I am getting used to navigating around Gmarket, it may take heaps of patience for a non-Korean like me but that’s part of the fun of shopping at the site.

I am itching to get my next  haul but I am really hesitant for my package might get taxed again. Maybe I will wait ’til November.

Are you a Gmarket-shopaholic too? What’s your Gmarket shopping experience?


Shopping at The Face Shop + Forever 21

13 Sep

Shopping Bags
I went to CentralWorld today because I want to get my assistant a farewell present. I was planning to get her a shirt at UNIQLO since some stuff are still at introductory prices with its recent opening here in Bangkok last week. But since I wanted to try new skin care and cosmetic products I headed to the Korean skin care and cosmetics brands instead.
I first went to Etude House but the price of the products are really expensive when they’re not as costly in Korea or even in the Philippines. I headed next to Tony Moly; it was my first time to visit the actual shop. I wanted to get some nail polish, gel liner and the Tomatox Brightening Mask so I asked the sales assistant how much should the minimum purchase be to avail of the membership; it has to be at least THB2,500. I deemed that my purchases won’t reach that much; I’m also not so familiar with the product reviews so I decided to transfer to my tried and proven brand, The Face Shop.
Being a regular shopper at The Face Shop, I am familiar with some products but I discovered newer goodies at the CentralWorld shop which is also bigger than my frequently visited branches, Central Rama 3 and Siam Paragon. I decided right there and then that I will give my assistant The Face Shop (TFS) products as a farewell present. While browsing products for my soon-to-be former colleague and myself, I made sure to ask about the TFS membership. With my past purchases (which were a lot), the SAs never really offered me membership since probably they assumed that I am just a tourist. Oh well…
Here’s my mini-haul:

TFS Products + TFS membership card + GWP

Since I bought more than THB2,000 TFS products I was entitled to Kim Hyun Joong (KHJ)’s “Break Down” mini-album. KHJ is the face of The Face Shop. Of course, I am happy to receive it since I am fan. A BIG fan 🙂

I left The Face Shop happy 🙂 But I wonder why I always never get any TFS samples.  I have never really experienced getting samples with my purchases from Korean brands here in Bangkok. Or maybe it’s just me. Oh wait, they gave me a bit at Holika Holika shop here 😉

Anyway, I also dropped by UNIQLO as I saw a lot of people holding paperbags from the shop. Besides, I haven’t been really inside a UNIQLO shop. I remember seeing a shop in Oxford Street in London but I just walked passed it. Here in the Bangkok shop being barely a week old, there were still quite a number of people inside so I didn’t bother to look at everything. I just checked the THB290 shirts and they’re not quite bad. The opening promotion ends on the 18th of September. Maybe I have to go back on the weekend again.
As I need some clothes for work, I decided to have a look at Forever 21. I was only supposed to be window shopping but a mini-dress caught my eye and fit me. I can wear it to work so I decide to get it. As I was queueing by the till, I saw a mini poster that says a free watch will be given to purchases worth THB1,699. My dress was around THB1,290 so I went back and tried on a couple of dresses more. I liked a pale blue tunic and bought it as well to make my purchase more worthwhile hehehe. Of course, I got the watch. Who couldn’t resist a GWP? 😉

Forever 21 orange mini-dress, pale blue knitted tunic and my GWP, watch

Shopping is so much fun!Cheers!