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Gmarket November Haul

26 Nov

*Date Ordered (1): November 15, 2011

Order Completed Local Delivery: November 18, 2011

*Date Ordered (2): November 16, 2011

Ordered Completed: November 19, 2011

Date of Shipment: November 21, 2011 (One item was cancelled on same day)

Date Received: November 24, 2011

(*I had two sets of order so I combined shipping)

Note: Please pardon this pic-heavy post.

Who sent my package? ūüėČ

This November haul from Gmarket is by far the headache-free order I had from the site, well, save for the cancelled item (I don’t know the reason for cancellation but it was quickly refunded to my PayPal account).¬† I combined shipping for two orders and I was able to save EMS fees.

Yes, this is stress-free since this is the first time that I did not pay extra duty and taxes at the Post Office. The package was successfully delivered to my apartment.

The box is full of individual boxes/ packages from the different sellers.
And the goodies are…
This is quite a good deal. This is a 1 + 3 promo, which means you get three free items when you buy one product (it’s a choice between the honey primer and a radiant something… ooppss,¬†I forgot what it was, it was a highlighter). The freebies are a honey mist, which smells so sweet and is really refreshing, a little bottle of eye make up remover and some download coupons (anyone who wants the download coupons can leave me a message for the codes¬†since I have no use for them). I was actually expecting a box of cottons/ tissues as the third freebie since that is what’s mentioned in the site. Wonder what happened?
I was surprised that the Yojolady Snail Secretion is a little, little item (4mL). I tried a drop of it on my skin and it tingled, it is strong. I haven’t used it and I am quite hesitant to use it. I inquired from the seller how to use it and I was told it should be mixed with Blemish Out toner or it can be used purely on a blemish. I tiny drop should suffice. The seller sent me a sample of the toner and some brochures, most of them are in Korean, though.
The Peripera nail polishes  were on 1+1+1+1 offer. Love their quality (I tried one) and how they are packaged. The purple and the pink ones are new colours for autumn. Like I said in my previous post, I would like to try the perfumed nail polishes next.
The Cellio lipsticks are also value for money items as they are on 1+1+1 offer. I haven’t checked the quality of the lipsticks though. Their colours are much darker than advertised on the site but I hope it can be applied well on the lips and are not drying. It came with a free cucumber mask and download coupon (again, to anyone who wants the code for the coupon can message me and I will give it to you).
I am super excited¬†for the Skin House snail cream. The snail craze hasn’t worn off on me yet and I am still in search for snail creams. I also got this particular snail cream¬†on promotion with a free lip gloss and mist. Even its price is discounted, so it is definitely a good deal. Some of the¬†snail cream¬†leaked from the¬†jar and it is really sticky. Hope it works well with my skin. Oh, there’s a note with the package but unfortunately I can’t read Korean so I don’t know what it is about.
I was most excited for these two dresses that¬†I ordered. But I am not so much satisfied with the quality but its cheap so I got what I paid for. These dresses look so much prettier in the pictures though. I thought I ordered black but I got purple instead. The purple dress had a different hue from the site. The orange & blue dress has a hood, that feature wasn’t highlighted in the seller’s page so I didn’t notice. I thought I can wear this to work but it’s too casual. I hate hoods too.
Anyway, there might be a few misses but I am quite satisfied. I found good deals with the other items. I can’t wait to do another haul for my Christmas presents purchase.
Gmarket is so addicting¬† but it’s so fun. It takes a lot of patience to select and order an item but when you get used to it, you wouldn’t mind it anymore. If you have questions, you can message the sellers and they reply. I message them in English and they reply in English as well. Well, some reply in Korean but you can always translate them via Google or Babylon. Gmarket customer service assistants¬†are especially helpful too. They reply to my queries and message me if need be.
Have you tried shopping at Gmarket? How was your experience? Oh, drop me a note in the comments section if you need links for the products or if you want reviews of the items.
Cheers! ūüôā

Nail Polish Love: Peripera PP109

25 Nov


I just received my Peripera PP109 yesterday. It was one of my purchases included in my Gmarket November haul. (Peripera is a South Korean skincare/ cosmetics company).

I love nail polishes and it is such a therapy for me to apply and look at my lovely¬†coloured nails. My Peripera nail polish lot is one of my most awaited order from this month’s Gmarket purchase.

First Impressions: I love how it looks! The over-all packaging is really beautiful. With designs on the brush handle/ lid, you can tell that Peripera gave care and attention to detail. Who couldn’t resist a pretty jar/ product?

Colour: It is one of the newest colours on offer for Fall.

Smell: Its scent is not as strong as a typical nail polish should smell. It has even a hint of sweet fragrance when smelled real closely.

Consistency: It is smooth and manageable when applied. It is kinda watery liquidy but not runny or thick. One coating of the nail polish can suffice. But I put on two layers since I am afraid they might chip easily. I am not sure yet when it will last on my nails as I have just applied them. Oh, it is quick drying too.

Other detail/s: It has  a flat and broader brush compared to other nail polish brushes which are rounder and/or narrow. My Peripera PP109 is manufactured in August 2011 so it is relatively new. It is also fairly inexpensive and super value for money; I got four Peripera nail polishes for only around USD7 + EMS shipping.

Availability: I am not sure if this can be bought at any shops/malls here in Bangkok. It might be available at online sellers or ebay. I purchased this off Gmarket.

I absolutely adore this nail polish. I like everything about it. Well, except for the brush, it is somewhat too wide for my small nails but it’s no biggie. I have managed from my first try. I am planning to get more colours for next month’s purchase hehe. I might try Peripera’s perfumed nail polishes, too.

Have you tried a nail polish from Peripera? Do you like it?

Cheers! ūüôā

Yay! My Gmarket November Haul is NOT Taxed!

24 Nov

My Gmarket combined shipments have arrived and been delivered to my apartment. Yahoo! I am especially ecstatic because this is the first time that I don’t pick up my parcel in the post office and NOT pay tax, duty and whathaveyou.

This is relatively a small package, lighter than my October haul but heavier than what I got in September. So, I can’t say if I was taxed because of its weight. I have another theory, though. For the first two orders, I put my name as the sender and receiver but this time I wrote a different person’s name (a Korean actor, actually. tee-hee) as the sender. I just thought that maybe the Custom’s officer will dispel any thought that I will sell the items that I ordered overseas since it would seem that the package was sent for me. OR maybe taxing EMS packages at the Customs are really all done randomly, and I just got lucky on my two packages ūüėČ

I’m sooo happy that I am blabbering here ūüėõ Anyway, I can’t wait to go home!

Does your Gmarket parcel get taxed too? Or are you the lucky one to get away with it?

Cheers! ūüôā

Retail Therapy

22 Nov

I have been feeling down lately. Although food comforts me, my best pick-me-upper is shopping. I don’t have to buy anything but I like to browse around the malls or websites. More often than not though, I still buy an item or two or more ūüôā

I recently placed an order at Gmarket and while patiently waiting for them to arrive, I bought a few stuff to appease my angst. Here are some of them:

If it is written by Paulo Coelho, it should be good.  I like inspirational books so I got Aleph from Asia Books.

I read many raves about the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic ¬†Acid but they don’t have it in Watsons. So, I got Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion instead. I think they ran out of the full size lotion, so I got it in 30 ml bottle. I hope this product can help lighten my pimple scars.

I just got Boots makeup remover wipes on the weekend but I saw the Beauty Formulas cleansing facial wipes on a buy 1 get 1 free promo so I got them. I just hope they won’t dry on me.

The Mistine White Spa Gold Caviar UV White Lotion had me on the gold caviar. I opened this last night as I was really curious. It is moisturising and has gold flecks but I don’t like its smell. Its a typical lotion smell which has no hint of fragrance, if you know what I mean. I have to wait and see about its whitening effect.

This is the first time for me to see My Beauty Diary masks in Watsons so I grabbed one box (which contains two mask sheets) so I can have a try.

 I carry big purses so I got a bag organizer. I got this from

I also got the microfibre spectacles cleaner from

I got a few other stuff, inexpensive items, on the weekend but they were a waste. I wanted to try nail stamping art so I got a fake Konad set and it was a fail. Some hair accessories which I got did not live up to my expectation too. Well, I got them cheap so I shouldn’t expect much.

There are quite few sales and promotions in Bangkok and it’s really a big temptation out there with some hard-to-resist deals.

My recent shopping trips took my mind off things. I know retail therapy is fleeting but I was happy. I am also glad to be able to control buying other many other things which I may regret later ūüėČ


Nail Polish Love: Etude House LuciDarling Fantastic Nails Shimmering #1

22 Nov

The Etude House LuciDarling Fantastic Nails Shimmering #1 has a nice satiny purple colour. It is smooth to apply and quick drying. I have used it twice and my only gripe is that it doesn’t last long. No matter how carefully and properly I apply the nail polish, one fingernail gets damaged the next day. Yes, it chips after a day or two.

I got the Etude House LuciDarling Fantastic Nails Shimmering #1 nail polish from Central Department Store here in Bangkok but it is also available to Etude House shops here in Thailand. Some online dealers carry this product, too.