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the saem is coming to Bangkok

28 Mar

I just have to quickly post about this as I am so excited to read about the saem coming to Bangkok. YAY! It will be located in a new shopping and lifestyle complex called Mega Bangna which is opening on May 3, 2012. How COOL is that!!! I am familiar with some of the saem’s products and most of them are well-received, too. I am supposed to be on a shopping ban starting next month but I have to visit the store when it opens! 🙂

I will update you as soon as I find more information about the saem and Mega Bangna.

Cheers 🙂


Haul from Seoul: the saem, Tony Moly and Watsons

19 Mar

I still have a few pending haul posts from Seoul and it’s taking me ages to finish them all so I decide to do a collective haul from the saem, Tony Moly and Watsons since I didn’t buy a lot from each shop.

Let’s start with the stuff I got from the saem. Aside from Lee Seung gi, the reason I went to the saem is to get their Beam Cream but there’s none so I browsed quickly from the shop and just got these items:

the saem products:

– China Bible Mint Tea Foot & Leg Heel Cream

– Snail Trio Hand Cream in Cherry Blossom

– 2pcs. of Ardent Lady Highshine Serum Rouge

The freebies and samples:

The olive mask was given at the entrance (To entice buyers to enter the shop, they give out free stuff by the entrance. This is a pretty common practice in Myeongdong). The chaga serum and ylang ylang cleanser samples were given upon purchase, while the pen was given on my way out. Who doesn’t love free stuff? 🙂

I saw a Tony Moly shop in Dongdaemun and the reason why I went in is to get the Backstage Gel Liner in black.

The freebie was given at the entrance… So, yeah… the skincare/make up shops in Dongdaemun also give freebies once you enter the shop.

Nothing else was given for free for I purchased only one item.

At Hongdae when I saw a Watsons, I just browsed quickly inside. When I went outside I saw these Organia foot creams at KRW1,000 won each so I bought two pieces 🙂

I can’t give you any reviews or swatches of the items here as they all presents to friends and family again. I just want to show you what you can get there, just in case you visit Seoul one of these days.

Are you familiar with the products I bought?

Cheers 🙂

2012 Gmarket Haul #2

7 Feb

Date Ordered and Paid: January 26 & January 27*

Date Shipped:  January 31

Date Delivered: February 2

(I have to pay duty, tax and fees so I have to pick it up at the post office AGAIN)

Date Picked Up: February 4

Total cost:  Gmarket- approx USD75 + shipping- approx USD25 + Duty, etc – approx USD40

*I availed of Combined Shipping since one of my order got cancelled so I had to repurchase another item instead.

*** Sorry for this pic-heavy post.

So who sent my gmarket package this time? LOL 😀

I know I started the year with Gmarket shopping and a loooot of shopping at the malls too but I just couldn’t resist buying more stuff at Gmarket again. I know, I’m being defensive but I need another pair of boots and a bigger handbag for my winter trip plus the makeup I will be buying, I’ll give them away as presents. I’ll try 😉

So I got a really big box this time (box number 5) but it’s not really full. There are actually only 4 boxes and 1 package.

A peek inside the box.

group picture 😉

So, what are in those boxes? Let’s start with the black booties. I don’t really need it but I liked its style and price 🙂 So I got it. My first shoe purchase off Gmarket.

It’s pretty isn’t it? I ordered it in 245 (37.5)which is the real size of my feet. I was quite apprehensive to not give an extra allowance because there’s no 250 (38) anymore. I was surprised that it was loose… when I checked the size of the booties, it was a size 40.

It is an actual size 40. No wonder it was still big! I wore it to church and it was alright but walking a long time with it is really uncomfortable because it’s loose. I should try using thick insoles and see if there’s a difference.

I got this beige bag which is a BIG bag that I can use as a purse or an overnight bag. I got it for my trip 😉 so I can put winter gear inside as well as shopping goodies I plan to get! Yay! I haven’t used it yet but I opened it and it was true to size and colour as shown in Gmarket.

I also got an extra pair of comfy boots for my trip. It is an inexpensive pair, too. Hope these survive the long walks we’ll be doing in Seoul. The boots are actually tall boots but since I got big calves, they got a little tight but I can still use them, and I will. It came with free insoles (thanks to this seller, I got insoles I need for my black booties :))

To the more exciting part of my haul – make up and skincare! I got the following from the saem…

It’s actually my first time to buy the saem products at Gmarket.

… and the saem freebies… (the little box actually contains a few pieces of cotton pads)

I’m not really too sure what’s white thingy for… I reckon it’s for washing underwear?

For this haul, I also got Lacvert. I’ve been wanting to try Lacvert from LG Cosmetics and one major thing that attracted to me to purchase this set is because of the freebies. Yeah, Lacvert had me at freebies haha.

I was amazed at the good number of freebies… A full-sized aloe mist, cleansing cream, volume lifting cream, a mask sheet, 2 boxes of samples, AND there is even a can of Fanta apple. Fancy that?

Like always, I enjoy shopping at Gmarket… everything’s cool as what I had thought except for the booties but yeah, hope the insoles are good.

Have you tried Gmarket? You should, if you haven’t yet… you can find almost anything you want… Gmarket is not limited to shoes, clothes, make up, skincare, bags and whatnot… just search http://english.gmarket.co.kr and you’ll be hooked, like I am.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers! 🙂

By the way, let me know if you need reviews or links for the products by leaving a comment.  Thanks!

Waiting for my next Gmarket package

26 Jan

Hi! I’m back 😉

My Korean winter trip is coming up next month, so I found another reason to shop at Gmarket. Yes, I really can’t resist shopping and Gmarket  is so addicting, so I just placed my order earlier.

It was my plan to make a purchase at the end of the month but some items either got out of stock or changed into a higher price (promo event ended already) so for fear of frustration of items getting canceled, I decided to finally press the “pay” button of my shopping cart. If my calculations are right, I expect my haul to arrive sometime next week. Hopefully, I won’t pay extra duty tax this time. *fingers crossed*

I’m excited to receive two pairs of shoes, bag and some cosmetics and skincare from The Saem and Lacvert. 😀

As I will be going to Korea next month and another trip to the Philippines in July, I might force myself to go on a shopping diet. I haven’t finalised the rules for my “diet” though, if Gmarket is exempted from it 🙂 Oh I remember that in case I won’t have time to go shopping in Seoul (I will be joining a package tour so free time is close to nil), I’ll buy souvenirs from Korea in Gmarket just in time I visit home in July 🙂

But fo now, I can’t wait for my Gmarket haul to arrive.

Cheers 🙂

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Online Shopping… Again :)

11 Oct

iheartkoreanbeauty little parcel

Yes, I am one impatient girl. Since my parcels from my ebay and Gmarket shopping haven’t arrived yet, I decided to buy a few things from Zhen of http://iheartkoreanbeauty.mybigcommerce.com/. I made my order on October 1st and received the parcel on October 8th. She posted the parcel on the 5th and I got it so quick. Not that I am complaining 😉

It is always a breeze ordering from Zhen, she is accommodating and regularly communicates with me; she also sends me photos of the parcel before sending them. She is also generous with samples and indulges me with freebies albeit a small purchase.

Anyway, let’s look inside the little box. You can see that all items are properly bubble-wrapped so you are assured that the products are safe from breakage or spillage.

Skin79 Special Clear Set

 Charmzone Red Wine Set (Sample Size)

 the saem BB Cream

 Baviphat Snail Cure Mask Sheet

I haven’t tried any of the products since I just got them last Sunday.  I am keen to try the Baviphat Snail Cure Mask Sheet, though. I know there is currently a snail craze in the skin care world and I wanna join in the bandwagon hehe. I am actually eyeing the It’s Skin Creme d’Escargot since I have read rave reviews about the product. It’s a bit pricey but if it works on my oily/acne/sensitive skin, why not, right? 🙂

Like I said earlier, the seller is generous with samples…


… and freebies! Well, I asked Zhen if I can have one Lee Seung Gi postcard and she was kind enough to include not only one but three (!) postcards. Yay! Thanks so much!

Lee Seung Gi is ❤

I know I am on shopping detox but I just can’t help myself. I am still waiting for my ebay and 2 Gmarket packages but I.should.stop.until.I.get.my.second.Gmarket.purchase.  😀

Do you love shopping online? Care to share your experience?