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essence cosmetics mini-haul

17 Feb

This morning, I went to the Immigration office to get a re-entry permit I needed for my travel to Korea next week. I finished a little before our office lunch break so I decided to drop by Siam Paragon and check a camera accessory. I couldn’t find any so I went to the fourth floor to check some Japanese cosmetics. I just want to see what new products they are offering. I was surprised to see an essence shelf and that the items are cheap (the products are still double the price, though) so I got a few products.

I just got them today so I haven’t tried them out, there are no testers in the shop, too. I just got them out of curiosity 🙂

Here’s my loot:

*taken with flash*

*taken without flash*

I got this holographic nail polish because it’s pretty. It’s also quick drying so I can’t wait to try it.

Description from the website:

now you can achieve an ultimate false-lash effect without false lashes! how? with the new multi action false lashes mascara by essence! the innovative formula creates extremely long, thick lashes and unbelievable volume – an absolute must-have for parties or everyday use.

I was planning to get Maybelline Falsies mascara but I got this instead and see the effect on my eye lashes. This is cheaper than Maybelline too 🙂

Description from the website:

a fresh and healthy complexion is the perfect accessory during any season. with this silky-soft rouge, you can create gorgeous, natural-looking highlights on your cheeks. available in various shades.

Description from the website:

this eyeliner pen has a specialized japanese felt tip to ensure an absolutely precise line. smudge-proof and extra long lasting. ideal for on-the-go. available in black.

I can’t wait to go home and try them… I’m excited! If I am not going to Korea next week and if I’m not expecting my make up swap package, I was really gonna get more. The products’ cute package and inexpensive price definitely attracted me.

I’m not sure if other shopping malls or drugstores carry this brand, too. I will update you when I find out.

Happy Friday! Cheers 🙂

Feeling homesick

9 Feb

I was feeling homesick yesterday so I decided to drop by the Filipino store. At first, all I wanted was to get some chips but then there was none so I looked around and see what I can get. I decided to just get some canned food and instant noodles. I’m not really into instant noodles much but when I saw some television commercials about it, it made me want to try and eat it too. The power of advertising, eh?

The other day, I went to Goldilocks in Siam Square since I was craving for polvoron but sadly, there was none.

So, I got ensaymada and sans rival instead.

Yummy! The bakeshop goodies taste like home. I have one gripe though, the sans rival was not packaged well, at least in a plastic bag or container. It was unhygienically placed in a paper bag without any cover at all. Paging Goldilocks Thailand, hope you fix this please.

Of course, they are pricey since they are imported goods but it’s just one (or two?) of the days that I really miss home. So, I indulged!

2012 Gmarket Haul #2

7 Feb

Date Ordered and Paid: January 26 & January 27*

Date Shipped:  January 31

Date Delivered: February 2

(I have to pay duty, tax and fees so I have to pick it up at the post office AGAIN)

Date Picked Up: February 4

Total cost:  Gmarket- approx USD75 + shipping- approx USD25 + Duty, etc – approx USD40

*I availed of Combined Shipping since one of my order got cancelled so I had to repurchase another item instead.

*** Sorry for this pic-heavy post.

So who sent my gmarket package this time? LOL 😀

I know I started the year with Gmarket shopping and a loooot of shopping at the malls too but I just couldn’t resist buying more stuff at Gmarket again. I know, I’m being defensive but I need another pair of boots and a bigger handbag for my winter trip plus the makeup I will be buying, I’ll give them away as presents. I’ll try 😉

So I got a really big box this time (box number 5) but it’s not really full. There are actually only 4 boxes and 1 package.

A peek inside the box.

group picture 😉

So, what are in those boxes? Let’s start with the black booties. I don’t really need it but I liked its style and price 🙂 So I got it. My first shoe purchase off Gmarket.

It’s pretty isn’t it? I ordered it in 245 (37.5)which is the real size of my feet. I was quite apprehensive to not give an extra allowance because there’s no 250 (38) anymore. I was surprised that it was loose… when I checked the size of the booties, it was a size 40.

It is an actual size 40. No wonder it was still big! I wore it to church and it was alright but walking a long time with it is really uncomfortable because it’s loose. I should try using thick insoles and see if there’s a difference.

I got this beige bag which is a BIG bag that I can use as a purse or an overnight bag. I got it for my trip 😉 so I can put winter gear inside as well as shopping goodies I plan to get! Yay! I haven’t used it yet but I opened it and it was true to size and colour as shown in Gmarket.

I also got an extra pair of comfy boots for my trip. It is an inexpensive pair, too. Hope these survive the long walks we’ll be doing in Seoul. The boots are actually tall boots but since I got big calves, they got a little tight but I can still use them, and I will. It came with free insoles (thanks to this seller, I got insoles I need for my black booties :))

To the more exciting part of my haul – make up and skincare! I got the following from the saem…

It’s actually my first time to buy the saem products at Gmarket.

… and the saem freebies… (the little box actually contains a few pieces of cotton pads)

I’m not really too sure what’s white thingy for… I reckon it’s for washing underwear?

For this haul, I also got Lacvert. I’ve been wanting to try Lacvert from LG Cosmetics and one major thing that attracted to me to purchase this set is because of the freebies. Yeah, Lacvert had me at freebies haha.

I was amazed at the good number of freebies… A full-sized aloe mist, cleansing cream, volume lifting cream, a mask sheet, 2 boxes of samples, AND there is even a can of Fanta apple. Fancy that?

Like always, I enjoy shopping at Gmarket… everything’s cool as what I had thought except for the booties but yeah, hope the insoles are good.

Have you tried Gmarket? You should, if you haven’t yet… you can find almost anything you want… Gmarket is not limited to shoes, clothes, make up, skincare, bags and whatnot… just search and you’ll be hooked, like I am.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers! 🙂

By the way, let me know if you need reviews or links for the products by leaving a comment.  Thanks!

Going matte…

4 Feb

After using glitters and shimmers and whatnot on my nails, I realised I haven’t tried matte nail polish yet. I’m not sure if they sell essie matte about you here in Bangkok so I decided to do a quick google on other matte nail polish. I discovered that the Korean brands, Etude House and Skinfood carry them.

I went to Etude House first and their price here always shock me, it’s even waaaaay cheaper in Etude House Philippines (what more in Korea). Since I was curious, I decided to get just a tiny bottle of matte pink nail polish since their topcoat is mooore expensive so I go the coloured one.

When I went to Skinfood, they sell the matte top coat in the Skinfood nail polish line called “Gunppang Nail”. It is cheaper than the pink nail polish at Etude House.

I just got both today and I’ll put the matte nail polish a little later. Sorry I have no swatches yet.

Do you like matte nail polish?

Cheers! 🙂

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Make up/ Goodies Swap

2 Feb

Just this week, I came across some makeup and goodies swap in blogs and youtube and I think it’s fun!

I’m not really sure how it works because I haven’t tried it yet but usually these are two bloggers or “virtual friends” who live in different countries and want to swap makeup and whatnot with each other. Usually too, they decide on the price and agree on the date they will send the package.

It doesn’t seem complicated, right? I guess it will be easier if the two “swappers” know each other or have followed each other.

I think it’s exciting! It’s like having a pen pal but a grown up type 😉 I wanna try it too… one day?

Has anyone tried it before? Care to share your experiences?

Cheers! 🙂