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Haul from Seoul: Etude House

27 Mar

This is FINALLY my last “Haul from Seoul” entry. Whew! Although, this collective haul is the first among my many purchases in Seoul, I post this the last since I bought a lot from Etude House. You see, Etude House is a fairly inexpensive brand in South Korea targeted to the young (but there are also products for the not-so-young anymore ;)) and I’ve been dying to get my hands on their well-received and cutely packaged products.

I bought my Etude House products in Everland Resort (yes, they there is an Etude House in Everland) and Hongdae.

Here are my Etude House goodies:

Bebe Foot Mask, AC Clinic Mask Sheet, Princess 3D Mask, Essence Masks

Quick Review: AC Clinic Mask Sheet

I tried it at the height of the breakouts on my chin. It did not tingle but I did not notice any immediate effects since I only used it once.

Petit Darling Nails Matte

To compare with the price here in Thailand, I got similar matte pink nail polish at THB200 (approximately US$7/ KRW7,000) and I got each of the matte nail polishes at KRW2,000 each (approximately THB62/ US$2). It is a little streaky when applied but it got smoother and cleaner when I put a matte top coat (Skinfood Gunnpang).

Total Age Repair Royal Cream, Missing You Bee Hand Cream in Rose and Acacia

Happy Teatime Waterproof Lip & Eye Remover Tissue

Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Tissue

Quick Review: The green tea cleansing tissues smell so good and refreshing. It doesn’t sting and dry my face. Although, it easily removes traces of makeup and BB cream, this is not the only cleansing regimen I follow.

Petit Bijou Allover Spray in Baby Bubble

Quick Review: This is an allover spray, meaning it can be sprayed not only on your body but also on your clothes, pillows and room. I tested it in the shop and it smelled so clean and pure and I really regretted not getting one for myself.

Proof 10 Eye Primer

Quick Review: I love this! It does keep my eye shadow the whole day albeit my really oily face and super humid weather in Bangkok. This is really worth it. I should have gotten a back up.

Look at My Eyes Eyeshadow in PP04, BK01 and SL02

Dear Darling Tint

Apricot Sticks

Look at My Lips Lipsticks

And the freebies from Etude House…

Goodbye Pore Ever & Be Clear Moisturizer Samples

More Freebies and Samples

two mugs (yes, I brought them all the way from Seoul hehe), cotton pads, pear extract mask, stickers, baking powder pore cleansing tissue, Silk Scarf shampoo, Dressing Room lotion, Moistful toner and emulsion

Like all the other goodies I got from Seoul, most of what you can see here are for family and friends. I can do more comprehensive reviews, though, of the products which I quickly reviewed (except for the Petit Bijou spray) since they are mine.

Do you use Etude House products? Which products are your favourites? Care to share?

Cheers 🙂

Haul from Seoul: the saem, Tony Moly and Watsons

19 Mar

I still have a few pending haul posts from Seoul and it’s taking me ages to finish them all so I decide to do a collective haul from the saem, Tony Moly and Watsons since I didn’t buy a lot from each shop.

Let’s start with the stuff I got from the saem. Aside from Lee Seung gi, the reason I went to the saem is to get their Beam Cream but there’s none so I browsed quickly from the shop and just got these items:

the saem products:

– China Bible Mint Tea Foot & Leg Heel Cream

– Snail Trio Hand Cream in Cherry Blossom

– 2pcs. of Ardent Lady Highshine Serum Rouge

The freebies and samples:

The olive mask was given at the entrance (To entice buyers to enter the shop, they give out free stuff by the entrance. This is a pretty common practice in Myeongdong). The chaga serum and ylang ylang cleanser samples were given upon purchase, while the pen was given on my way out. Who doesn’t love free stuff? 🙂

I saw a Tony Moly shop in Dongdaemun and the reason why I went in is to get the Backstage Gel Liner in black.

The freebie was given at the entrance… So, yeah… the skincare/make up shops in Dongdaemun also give freebies once you enter the shop.

Nothing else was given for free for I purchased only one item.

At Hongdae when I saw a Watsons, I just browsed quickly inside. When I went outside I saw these Organia foot creams at KRW1,000 won each so I bought two pieces 🙂

I can’t give you any reviews or swatches of the items here as they all presents to friends and family again. I just want to show you what you can get there, just in case you visit Seoul one of these days.

Are you familiar with the products I bought?

Cheers 🙂

Haul from Seoul: Innisfree

17 Mar


I am not really that familiar with Innisfree products but I know that their skincare products are also good. Aside from skincare products, they also have makeup and nail care lines.

I did not go to Innisfree in Myeongdong that’s why when I saw the tiny Innisfree branch in Hongdae, I seized the chance to have a look. I went there on our last day, when I was still unsure what the weight of luggage could be.

So I decided to just grab all things light 🙂 Here is my mini-haul…

The products that I got are:

– Natural Essential Masks in Banana, Kiwi and Avocado

– Jejubila Anti-Trouble Spot Patch

– Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack (Sachets)

– Q10 Collagen Eye Masks

The only sample that I got is a Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack since the cost of the items that I bought are approximately only USD12.00.

I haven’t tried any of the items I got yet since I have a lot of products on hand. Also, some of these items are for my sister and friends.

Have you tried Innisfree yet? What’s your favourite Innisfree product? Care to share?

Cheers 🙂

Snapshots from Seoul: Hongdae

16 Mar

For our lunch on our last day in Seoul, we ate at a pub (I cannot remember if it was an English or Irish pub) but no, pub grub wasn’t served but Korean fare, of course. I was not certain as to what the name of the  dish was but it was braised spicy chicken with noodles. I searched on the net about it and I think that it was what we ate. It is called jjimdak.

Photo Credits: Visit Korea

Hongdae is actually an abbrevation of Hongik University, which is Hongik Daehakgyo in Korean. You can expect this area to have a youthful and artistic vibe. It is also home to artists and known for a mural street. While standing outside a convenience store, I got two flyers about an invitation to some painting exhibit (I think) and a play.

Our group may have not seen everything about Hongdae, for we only explored the area closest to where we had lunch, but I have noticed that there were a lot of shops selling clothes, shoes, stationery, skincare and cosmetics as well as cafes, pubs and PC bangs (PC stand for personal computer and bang is the Korean word for room, so literally it means a PC room or an internet/ gaming cafe) catered to university students, teachers and tourists.

While waiting for our bus, I was able to go to (wherelse… :)) Etude House, The Face Shop, Innisfree, and Watsons. As much as I wanted to shop for more, I was afraid to incur excess baggage fees so I only got a few light items.

After shopping, we just sat/ stood outside a building with the sun’s rays directly shining on us 🙂 It was still a bit chilly that day.

I just took a few photos of the “Hongdae” scene with students walking about while I ate a Melona (a creamy melon-flavoured popsicle) to douse my fiery tongue from the jjimdak.

I know that there was definitely more to Hongdae from what we have seen but at that time, we did not have the luxury of time to explore further. So from Hongdae, off the airport we went! It was time to go home 🙂  Oh here’s a trivia: The popular KDrama, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince’s cafe can be found somewhere in Hongdae. And yes, I did not go there 🙂

Have you been to Hongdae? Care to share amazing places in the area?

Cheers 🙂