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When I’m Bored with My Nail Polish… #1

16 Mar

Some nail polishes last me more than 3 days and on days when I easily get bored with my nail colour yet lazy with doing the whole nine yards of cleaning my nails and changing the nail polish, I just think of ways to change the look of my nail polish.

Number One: I mattify my nails 🙂

Since I discovered Skinfood Gunnpang Top Coat, I used it to change the look of my glossy, shimmery nails and turn them to matte, or sort of…

So from this jelly pink nails…

to these :))

I also tried to mattify a nail polish called Caronia Frosted 24-K Gold (but the colour is actually far from gold, it is kinda shimmery pinkish mauve).

to this…

It did not really looked too matte because it was shiny at the beginning but it sure tamed its previous shine and gloss.

What do you think? Do you like a matte effect on your nail polish? Care to share?

Cheers 🙂

Going matte…

4 Feb

After using glitters and shimmers and whatnot on my nails, I realised I haven’t tried matte nail polish yet. I’m not sure if they sell essie matte about you here in Bangkok so I decided to do a quick google on other matte nail polish. I discovered that the Korean brands, Etude House and Skinfood carry them.

I went to Etude House first and their price here always shock me, it’s even waaaaay cheaper in Etude House Philippines (what more in Korea). Since I was curious, I decided to get just a tiny bottle of matte pink nail polish since their topcoat is mooore expensive so I go the coloured one.

When I went to Skinfood, they sell the matte top coat in the Skinfood nail polish line called “Gunppang Nail”. It is cheaper than the pink nail polish at Etude House.

I just got both today and I’ll put the matte nail polish a little later. Sorry I have no swatches yet.

Do you like matte nail polish?

Cheers! 🙂

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