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First ebay Shopping

29 Sep

I love receiving snail mails, parcels or packages which I don’t get that often anymore.

Then I got (kinda!) addicted to shopping online. The whole process of ordering, waiting and arriving of my purchase is truly an exciting moment.

I’m not into ebay simply because I haven’t really took time to browse the site, so when I had the chance to navigate myself around ebay and read some reviews, I finally gave in.

I purchased twice but chose really inexpensive items. In case they get lost in the mail it wouldn’t hurt my pocket as much.

Anyway, I was happy to receive my second purchase yesterday; it arrived after 7 days (seller is from Hong Kong) via air mail (shipping was for free!). The seller was really nice. They corresponded with me like informing me that I might receive the item late and the like.

I ordered four bamboo brushes but to my dismay, I got only three ūüė¶ I don’t really mind since like I mentioned earlier I got an¬†inexpensive item¬†but I know that it is right to inform the seller about the lacking item. The seller offered to refund me some money for repurchase. At first, I was fine without a refund as long as they send me the missing item. According to him, it will take a longer time to process resending items; complicated stuff. So yeah, I’m fine with the refund then. Update: The seller, edarenus¬†is really nice, like you can feel¬†his sincerity.¬†He gave me a refund which is almost 2/3 of what i paid for plus I got to keep the item. He was prompt, too; the refund was already done today. When I gave him a positive feedback in ebay, he gave me a 10% off coupon to his website, www.buyincoins.com. I appreciate¬†his effort that’s why I am going to buy new stuff from his website.

I’m now thinking what to get for my repurchase hehe. This also means one thing – I will be looking forward to another parcel soon.¬†Yay for that!¬†ūüėÄ

Have you tried ebay yet? Care to share?


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