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My First Attempt at Sponging (Nail Art)

3 May

I have  this nail polish hoarder’s mindset that I always don’t have enough nail polish, but checking my nail polish storage case would indicate otherwise. I may not own the biggest nail polish collection but I still have around 20 or so unopened or untried bottles waiting for my attention.

Upon checking out these unused and unswatched yet bottles, I chose one of the nail polish I got from The Face Shop which was purchased two months ago. This nail polish is called Lovely ME:EX PK 103. One of the new colours from the Love ME:Ex collection, PK 103 is a shimmery pink polish, too cute and sweet to resist (the colour actually reminds me of a cotton candy). Its consistency is not sticky but just-enough watery for easy application. While it has a good consistency and is a breeze to apply, it is too light pink and young-looking for my liking (not that I want to portray an old-er image ;)). The colour unfortanely made my hands looked a little too dark, too.

Lovely ME:EX PK103

I wanted to change my polish right after I finished but then I waited for a day to let the colour grow on me. And yes, it doesn’t really suit me at all. When I got home, I remembered that instead of applying a new colour or crack nail polish, why don’t I try sponging? I was a little hesitant  at first because I don’t have a sponge for nail art and I haven’t watched enough “sponging” videos on youtube to let me do it properly, but then I can always re-apply if I fail at my first attempt.

So that’s what I did… I got a new bath sponge that is a little dense and cut a portion to use for my “experiment”. I put some nail polish on the sponge and lightly dabbed the “nail polished-ed” part of the sponge on my nails to give a gradient effect. By the way, you can always check out the nail polish gurus in youtube for a clearer explanation. I’m no expert on this and I really just tried if I can make it work or not.


And here’s how it looked after…

Here’s my messy masterpiece, my first attempt at sponging for nail art

The products I used are the following:

Peripera PP109 – Lovely ME:EX PK103 – Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope

Albeit imperfect, I somewhat liked how it looked (only on some nails) . I want to try doing it again. Although my nails are really short and small, it was possible to do this kind of nail art. It was rather easy to do, especially when I get the hang of precisely doing it.

Have you tried sponging on your nails? Did you find it easy to do? Care to share your masterpieces?

Cheers 🙂