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The Face Shop BL604 and experimenting with flakies and glitters

6 Jun

Because I’m feeling a little blue, I decided to use my metallic blue nail polish from The Face Shop, BL 604. I got this a long time ago and I used it only twice. Surprisingly, the consistency is still dependable, it’s not thick and runny and very easy to apply. Its colour pay off is also good, that’s why with just one coat, you’re good to go.

The Face Shop BL604

I decided to just use one coating of BL604 because I want to experiment with glitters and flakies. I first decided to use essence Glisten Up on top of the blue nail polish. It turned out a little too green for my liking and has masked the blue-ness of the base colour. The jelly base of Glisten Up was coloured green and not sheer so I decided to try Crayon glitter nail polish (I’ll double check its name later) instead. The glitter nail polish comprises of hexagon and round holographic glitters as well as microglitters and are suspended on a sheer purple jelly base.

Apart from the flakies, the glitters just look like plain silver glitters in dim or outdoor lighting. But when blurred or pictured at a different angle or lighting, beautiful colours come out.

I think holographic glitters are good with dark nail polish, although I have yet to try them with a light coloured polish.

What do you think? Do you also like nail polish with holographic glitters? Which ones are your favourites? Care to share?

Cheers 🙂

First Attempt at Gradation Nail Art

20 Dec

I just love playing with my nails. I think I am getting better with my nail painting skill that’s why I want to experiment and try different types of nail art. After trying nail stamping, this is my first attempt at gradation nail art.

I saw this nail polish duo at Central Department Store and I was curious if I can achieve the art on my nails.  Its a Japanese brand and I don’t know what it’s called (but it’s made in China). Anyway, I gave it a try. I started with the red nail polish as the base colour.

I love its colour! It’s not screaming red that you’d be embarrassed to show your nails around others.  Not only would you love the colour of this, this is by far the easiest nail polish to apply, among all other nail polishes I have reviewed in this blog. The consistency is not sticky nor runny but it’s a tad more “liquidy” than other nail polishes I have used. I would like to add that it is also quick drying.

with flash

without flash

Then I applied the glitter nail polish. I think my nails kinda resemble a Christmas ball 🙂

I know the gradation of the colours are not that noticeable because the base nail polish is red, which is a dark colour. I should try with a light colour base next time. But over all, I like it I don’t regret buying ut. I like the quality of the nail polish. At THB65 (approx USD2.10), it is a reasonable buy. I got another set in black but I will definitely get a light coloured nail polish next time.

Have you tried gradation nail art before?

Cheers! 🙂