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Snapshots from Seoul: Hotel Rooms

16 Apr

I only stayed in Seoul/ South Korea for four days but I have stayed in two hotels. I don’t really know why our travel agency booked us that way.

Anyway, we stayed at Lone Star Hotel on the first two nights. I wasn’t really expecting much from our accommodation since I didn’t pay a premium for the package tour. Lone Star Hote is a small, cozy hotel (if I’m not mistaken there’s no onsite restaurant as we always had breakfast outside the hotel) near Dongdaemun.  A little corner in the lobby can be found which has complimentary coffee, tea, bananas, and fruit juice. The hotel was also nearby many convenience stores – 7-11, Mini-stop and GS25, restaurants, cafes, shops, drugstores, and tent restaurants (too bad I wasn’t able to try it).

I was surprised at how everything in my room was big – the bed, the floor area, tv, bath tub (I think it was a Jacuzzi that can fit two persons) and bathroom. I didn’t feel scared even though I was alone (I sometimes get paranoid staying at hotel rooms by myself), I even opened the windows just to balance the hot air emanating from the heater 🙂

Although there was no WiFi available, each room (I think) has a computer with internet connection which you can use for free. There were also  a small fridge, huge TV and DVD player including free bottles of water, coffee and tea, and toiletries in the bathroom. Of course, I had fun playing  using the automatic toilet seat 😀

There was no flourescent lamp in my room though so it was a little dim. But I liked the red lamps and lips wallpaper by the bed. Don’t you think my room looks a little like a honeymoon room? 😉

On our last day, we moved to a different hotel (outside Seoul). Business Hotel Jewelry is located in Gyeonggi-do. I did not really see much of the hotel or its nearby attractions or shops. Visit Korea in its website mentioned that, “Business Hotel Jewelry is close to Everland, Korean Folk Village, Gyeonggi Korean Traditional Music Center, and is only a 2-minute walk to Nam June Paik Art Center, and the Gyeonggi Provincial Museum. The Osancheon Stream also flows right in front of the hotel and is a good place to jog, walk, cycle and enjoy other sports activities.”

My hotel room was also big but not as chic-looking as the first one.

The room amenities at Business Jewelry Hotel are similar to the Lone Star Hotel Seoul – the TV, computer, bathroom, and toiletries, except for a couch and the cold/hot water dispenser (instead of a fridge). I did not also get scary vibes in this hotel, I even stayed up until 3AM watching Korean shows which I cannot understand 😉

I’m not sure about the other hotel facilities but this time, there was an onsite restaurant. The hotel staff was quite friendly, too. They were surprised when I greeted them in Korean.

 Can you tell I am missing Seoul and South Korea? 🙂 I will still be posting more entries with my travel to South Korea. I really hope you will enjoy reading them.

Where did you stay when you went to Seoul/ South Korea? What facilities/services of a hotel do you consider to be the most important? Care to share?

Cheers 🙂

Haul from Seoul: Nature Republic

27 Mar

Nature Republic is one of the Korean brands I was excited to visit when I was in Seoul. There is a Nature Republic here in Bangkok but there are only two branches and are located quite far from where I live and work so I had to definitely check out their products. Although many of their skincare products are raved about, I just picked up a few items. Like what I said in my previous entries, I was really careful to not exceed my luggage’s weight limit.

I went to two Nature Republic shops in Dongdaemun and Myeongdong.

Taken in Myeongdong

In the picture: Jang Geun Seuk, the Nature Republic endorser

Here are the products I got:

 Blackhead Brake Clear Nose Patch, So Big Curling Mascara, Fresh Farm Cleanser – Rice

By Flower BB Cream, Jelly Drop Gloss

Given by Nature Green Tea Mask Sheets

Nail Polishes

And the freebies and samples are…

A box of cotton pads, snail therapy mask sheets, herblier cleansing tissues and some samples

I haven’t tried any of the products since they are (again) presents for families and friends. Have you tried Nature Republic products? What is your experience? Care to share?

Cheers 🙂

Haul from Seoul: the saem, Tony Moly and Watsons

19 Mar

I still have a few pending haul posts from Seoul and it’s taking me ages to finish them all so I decide to do a collective haul from the saem, Tony Moly and Watsons since I didn’t buy a lot from each shop.

Let’s start with the stuff I got from the saem. Aside from Lee Seung gi, the reason I went to the saem is to get their Beam Cream but there’s none so I browsed quickly from the shop and just got these items:

the saem products:

– China Bible Mint Tea Foot & Leg Heel Cream

– Snail Trio Hand Cream in Cherry Blossom

– 2pcs. of Ardent Lady Highshine Serum Rouge

The freebies and samples:

The olive mask was given at the entrance (To entice buyers to enter the shop, they give out free stuff by the entrance. This is a pretty common practice in Myeongdong). The chaga serum and ylang ylang cleanser samples were given upon purchase, while the pen was given on my way out. Who doesn’t love free stuff? 🙂

I saw a Tony Moly shop in Dongdaemun and the reason why I went in is to get the Backstage Gel Liner in black.

The freebie was given at the entrance… So, yeah… the skincare/make up shops in Dongdaemun also give freebies once you enter the shop.

Nothing else was given for free for I purchased only one item.

At Hongdae when I saw a Watsons, I just browsed quickly inside. When I went outside I saw these Organia foot creams at KRW1,000 won each so I bought two pieces 🙂

I can’t give you any reviews or swatches of the items here as they all presents to friends and family again. I just want to show you what you can get there, just in case you visit Seoul one of these days.

Are you familiar with the products I bought?

Cheers 🙂