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2013 Gmarket Haul #2

20 May


I recently did another haul at Gmarket because it’s my birthday month. Yes, I need to justify why I am so I shop online plus I didn’t want to lose my membership status (with inactivity at Gmarket for 3 months, you lose your current membership status and become a NEW member again). So with this recent haul, I will finally be upgraded to VIP status next month, woohoo!

Anyway, on to my haul… let’s first start with my order dates and info…

Date Ordered and Paid: May 10

Date Shipped: May 15

Date Delivered and Received: May 16

It’s really amazing that everything was so quick, considering that right after I paid my order, Gmarket e-mailed and advised that there will be a delay of shipment (I assumed that there is an upcoming public holiday) which was perfectly fine with me. I also would like to applaud both Korean and Thailand post offices for a really efficient and prompt delivery. I got my order in less than a week. Bravo! Two thumbs up for them.

Before we check the contents of the box, guess who “sent” my package this time? 😉


The postal box was so big (no. 5) because of the boxes but here are the packages inside.


Let’s get started with the contents of the packages:



I got It’s Skin Power 10 Formula WH Effector with Arbutin Essence, Color Play Black Jewel Lip Rouse and Lady-holic Lipstick with three samples of Power 10 Formula YE Effector with Yeast Extract. All the products are bubble-wrapped and delivered quickly considering that I bought them during a sale.


ImageI also ordered at a time when there was a promotion going on but this was the first package to be delivered (yeah, I check the status of my order all the time). The products I got from Holika Holika are Face to Change Color Control Cream (CC Cream), Daily Garden Lip & Eye Remover Acerola and Lip & Eye Multi-Base. The sample I received was a Face 2 Change Moist Cushion BB in no.21 which I will give away to my sister because it’s too light for my skin tone. I have tried using the CC Cream but I haven’t used it enough to write a proper review about it.



I got the Snail Recovery Gel Cream from Mizon. This is by far the only snail cream brand which I have repurchased again. With it’s 1+1+1 and discount price, it’s definitely a good buy PLUS it works wonders for my skin!



I got the Imyss Beautytoc Lucky Gold Egg Vibration Foundation and Puff because I have long been curious with these vibrating foundation puffs. I have to admit though that the reason why got this particular brand was because it was inexpensively priced at around KRW12,000. I also bought a refill and I was disappointed how the refill wasn’t properly wrapped. It was just placed inside the plastic with the free mask sheet and lollies so it’s unhygienic but I can wash it anyway, so no big harm done. Aside from the free mask sheet and lollies, I also got a plastic cover featuring Kim Hyun Joong (when he was still endorsing Tony Moly).



I have started ordering food from Gmarket because most of these goodies can’t be bought here in Bangkok or priced at an exorbitant amount. I got Market-O Real Brownies (love it!), Market-O Classic Mini Chocolates, an assortment of potato and corn chips (I was expecting Sunchips because that’s what I thought I ordered but it’s alright), and Margarette (these are yummy peanut cookies). If for these delectable goodies alone, I can’t wait to make another order at Gmarket, lol.


I love everything that I’ve got! Thank you Gmarket for an efficient service!

I was proud of myself, too for controlling my urge to buy more but as I check Gmarket all the time, I am eyeing more things each day. Shopping at Gmarket is indeed addicting but satisfying, too (except for my wallet hehe).

Have you tried shopping at Gmarket? What are your recent hauls? Care to share? Also, please let me know if you want me to review of any of the products I purchased. 🙂

Cheers, everyone! 🙂

Haul from Seoul: Food

19 Mar

To give you a break of all the cosmetics and skincare products I bought from Seoul, this post is about the food items I got there.

Super yummy! Tastes like brownie from the bakery. It is a pretty popular food “souvenir”. I haven’t tried the chocolate bars though.

These brownies from Lotte are really chocolatey, too. They are more inexpensive than the Market O ones.

I love my gochujang (red pepper paste)! It comes in different varieties.

These chocolatey goodies are so yummy, too. Wish I had gotten more.

Jeju Orange & Cacao Cholate and Jeju Cactus & Cacao Chocolate

I have only tried the orange one. Although I was not too keen on the combination, the chocolate and orange taste good together. I’m not sure about the cactus, though 🙂

I know ginseng is good for the body but it smells so much like… ginseng? It’s like woody, earthy and herb-y 😉 I haven’t tried these lollies. If I remembered correctly, the white ginseng is good whenyou are in a hot climate while the red ginseng is when you are in a cold place. I’m not really too sure as the “ginseng orientation” was conducted in Thai.

Of course, I had my Melona (melon ice cream popsicle)  and banana milk (both are not pictured) fix. I also went to a popular bakeshop chain, Paris Baguette. Although I did not try any cake from there, the cheese bread (not pictured) and the bagel tasted so good, too.

Aside from these, you can also buy seaweed, kimchi, instant noodles (which I forgot to get because I procastinated), and other biscuits and chocolates as souvenirs. Not to mention the Korean strawberries which are amazingly sweet. I regretted not buying the strawberries, too. I’m sure there are still more that I didn’t discover.

Have you tried any of these goodies? Which ones did you like?

Cheers 🙂