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Weekend Collective Haul

8 Jun

Last weekend, I went to Central Chitlom (one of the posh malls here in Bangkok) to look for a birthday present for my boss. I was debating whether to get her a beauty product or a statement necklace, but I remembered that the last time I got her a beaded necklace, she only used it to the office once so I decided to get her a makeup item instead, of course with the hope that she  makes use of it well. After going up and down the different department store levels and sections and checking out several makeup counters, I settled to give her  Dior (not pictured). I didn’t get myself anything from any high end brand because I am saving it for duty free shopping at the airport when I travel next month.

As for my own goodies, I got mine from The Body Shop, The Face Shop and drugstores, Boots and Watsons.

The Body Shop

Shea Soap (I love its mild scent and its relatively moisturising effect.)

Shea Lip Butter (I had this ages ago so I thought it would be good to get another one again. I’m not liking its smell but it does relieve dry lips.)

Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue (I only used it once but I’m partial to anything mint.)

Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm Pomegranate (I didn’t use it yet but swatched it at the store. It is very sheer, almost colourless.)

Some of the succeeding items are not tested nor swatched yet, so please pardon if I have no comments for other products enumerated.


17 Photo Flawless Eye Pencil in Black Blue

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Temptress

Leif on Location 6-Piece Long Handle Brush Set (They’re very soft. I got this set for my trip next month.)

Revlon and The Face Shop Nail Polishes


–  Fearless (Both Revlon polishes are really creamy and opaque. They got small and narrow brushes, though.)

Lovely Me:ex PK109

Lovely Me:ex WH002 (This bottle has no Lovely Me:ex label which is weird.)

The Face Shop

Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover (This smells good and is gentle, too.)

Honey BB (One of The Face Shop’s new products, its consistency is like a mousse unlike regular BB creams.)

Mini Pet Sweet (This is the newest variant in the Mini Pet series.)

Lovely Me:ex Happy Chu Lip in PK101 (It is a lightly-tinted lip balm which is comparable to its competitions, Companies E and T’s products.)

Lovely Me:ex Nail Polish Remover (It smells good and not drying.)

It’s the weekend once again but I will not be doing a lot of shopping for beauty items after this haul. Aside from not really needing anything, I should be saving for my upcoming trip because I am certain that I will not be able to hold off the urge to purchase when I go to the Philippines.

I am planning to make detailed reviews and swatches of these items (maybe not all of the products) but if you are interested with anything, please don’t hesitate to let me know so I can review it first.

Hope you all have a fun and productive weekend! Don’t shop too much 😉

Cheers 🙂

Christmas Shopping

8 Dec

It was a long weekend last week because it was His Majesty the King’s Birthday and Father’s Day so I went out and did a little browsing and Christmas shopping for family and friends. I went to two shopping malls, Central Chitlom and Central Rama 3. There are discounted items and promotions everywhere; had I not controlled myself I could have bought a lot of clothes for myself. Goodness me! 😉

Anyway, I just got a small something from the department store, had it wrapped (free gift wrapping :)) and headed to the grocery.

I went out the next day again; went to Central Rama 3 this time as it is close to my apartment and there is a Skinfood shop there. I was looking for Skinfood Jojoba Oil Nail Essence but unfortunately they don’t have it. I grabbed a foot massage lotion and hand cream instead. Most of the items are discounted as well because Skinfood is celebrating its 6th year in Thailand. Well… as for my shopping experience, I kinda don’t like one of the sales assistants (SA1) there, she is not friendly and bordering on being rude. She forced me to rate them or probably their service and handed me a tiny piece of paper with boxes to tick. The other sales assistant told her I can’t speak in Thai. She (SA1) made face and told me to just tick the box. Argh! I hate it when someone pushes you to do something you don’t know and understand. Although I got irritated, I still ticked a box anyway without knowing what it was.  There was no point in me complaining or arguing because we might not understand each other anyway. It was actually my first time to buy Skinfood products at a physical shop (and not from online sellers) and I didn’t like the experience. I am not sure how they fare at other Skinfood shops, though. Ooppsss… sorry for the digression.

I walked around the shops and browsed dresses, shoes and whathaveyou. I was really holding myself not to get something because I have just bought skincare, make up and some dresses recently so I shouldn’t be tempted. I wanted to get something, even a nail polish, at The Face Shop (my fave! customer service is tops at the Central Rama 3 branch, too) but I am expecting a set of the Clean Face series so no buying from there, too.

I went to Muji (and it’s on sale, too) and checked its wide variety of items. I like Muji because it’s so zen. I got a few things, too and have them wrapped as well. I will go back  on the weekend. Or I might go to CentralWorld and check out Uniqlo and Forever 21 🙂

What is a mall outing without food? Since I was craving for tonkatsu for ages, I had katsudon and tonkatsu in miso sauce in both days haha. And I said I was on no-pork diet 😉


Tonkatsu in Miso Sauce

And of course…

Iced Green Tea

It’s going to be another long weekend this coming weekend as Constitution Day is on Saturday. Monday will be a holiday.  I might be malling or dining out again, but with friends this time. How about you, what do you do on holidays and long weekends?

Cheers! 🙂