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Snapshots from Seoul: Provence Village

15 Apr

NOTE: Provence Village is not actually in Seoul but in Gyeonggi-do (a province in South Korea) but for the sake of uniformity of my travel accounts in Seoul, I’m keeping the same heading.

map of the village

Hi everyone! Munching on some Korean strawberries brought me back to Korea and I reminisced all the beautiful places I visited on my winter trip. It also made me realise that I haven’t finished my posts on my travel to South Korea almost two months ago. So, here is one of our destinations…

Provence Village is the very first place we visited after going out of the airport. I was really excited because I thought we will be going to Petit France. I was the first one to excitedly get off the bus to look for the Little Prince-inspired landmarks and I realised we’re at the wrong place (Our tour guide was speaking in Thai so I couldn’t understand what he was talking about most of the time).

Anyway, Provence Village is a themed village to probably resemble a little charming French village. The area is not really that big and the whole “village” comprised mainly of quaint cafes, restaurants (I saw a shabu-shabu and French restaurants, among others), and shops selling trinkets, souvenirs, candies, and more. The shophouses and cafes are uniquely painted in bright colours, too. There is also a nice garden and a pond in the center. While there is not much to be done in Provence Village except for some casual dining and eclectic shopping (I espied on a Zara warehouse, too), there is plenty of opportunity for cam-whoring. I did, too 🙂

Here are some of the pictures… Enjoy!

French restaurant – signage – drama/ movie poster*

(*I’m guessing that a certain drama/ movie filmed there, but I can be wrong)

charming cafes, restaurants and shops

out in the sun

I think it was only 3 degrees Celsius that time and coming from Thailand, it was a chilly day!

a sidestreet – cafe – more restaurants and cafes

the pond – “Vincent Van Gogh” house – and more shops

We only stayed there for barely half an hour and I have walked the center area thrice (I still didn’t make any friends with my tour group at this time so I was by my lonesome T.T). I guess when you’re with friends or special someone, you’ll see Provence Village differently. Looking at the pictures now, it actually seemed a romantic place.

I will be definitely back next time 🙂 Have you been to Provence Village? Which part/ area did you like? Care to share?

Cheers 🙂

Snapshots from Seoul: Hongdae

16 Mar

For our lunch on our last day in Seoul, we ate at a pub (I cannot remember if it was an English or Irish pub) but no, pub grub wasn’t served but Korean fare, of course. I was not certain as to what the name of the  dish was but it was braised spicy chicken with noodles. I searched on the net about it and I think that it was what we ate. It is called jjimdak.

Photo Credits: Visit Korea

Hongdae is actually an abbrevation of Hongik University, which is Hongik Daehakgyo in Korean. You can expect this area to have a youthful and artistic vibe. It is also home to artists and known for a mural street. While standing outside a convenience store, I got two flyers about an invitation to some painting exhibit (I think) and a play.

Our group may have not seen everything about Hongdae, for we only explored the area closest to where we had lunch, but I have noticed that there were a lot of shops selling clothes, shoes, stationery, skincare and cosmetics as well as cafes, pubs and PC bangs (PC stand for personal computer and bang is the Korean word for room, so literally it means a PC room or an internet/ gaming cafe) catered to university students, teachers and tourists.

While waiting for our bus, I was able to go to (wherelse… :)) Etude House, The Face Shop, Innisfree, and Watsons. As much as I wanted to shop for more, I was afraid to incur excess baggage fees so I only got a few light items.

After shopping, we just sat/ stood outside a building with the sun’s rays directly shining on us 🙂 It was still a bit chilly that day.

I just took a few photos of the “Hongdae” scene with students walking about while I ate a Melona (a creamy melon-flavoured popsicle) to douse my fiery tongue from the jjimdak.

I know that there was definitely more to Hongdae from what we have seen but at that time, we did not have the luxury of time to explore further. So from Hongdae, off the airport we went! It was time to go home 🙂  Oh here’s a trivia: The popular KDrama, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince’s cafe can be found somewhere in Hongdae. And yes, I did not go there 🙂

Have you been to Hongdae? Care to share amazing places in the area?

Cheers 🙂