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Browhaus Bangkok Experience

4 Oct
Browhaus Bangkok

Browhaus Bangkok

I haven’t threaded my eyebrows in years. I had it trimmed, tweezed, shaved or waxed but not often threaded. I remember the first time I tried it was in Sydney and it was on a whim. A nice Egyptian lady threaded my eyebrows and I don’t remember that it’s painful at all. I was so fascinated with the whole threading process that I had my upper lip hair be done as well 🙂

Threading, according to Wikipedia, is “an ancient method of hair removal originating in the East; where practitioners use a pure, thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over usually untidy hairlines, moustaches and other areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at follicle level. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove an entire row of hair, resulting in a straighter line. As a larger area of hair is removed at once, however it can be relatively painful”.

Anyway, I’ve read a small feature of Browhaus Thailand in a magazine or a newspaper and saw the services they offer, threading was one of them. So it got me excited to go and have my eyebrows groomed there.

So, I went last Sunday and I was surprised that it’s not a big of a place in terms of floor area. It shares shop with a waxing center (which I didn’t get the name, sorry. It’s called strip, something). I was asked to fill out a form about my contact details, etc since it was my first time there. I was the only client so it was really quiet.

The area where I was seated for my threading is pretty small but not really cramped, it was separated from other cubicles by chicken coop wire “walls” decorated with their unique “brow” photos. I sat on a reclined chair and the “threading” lady (I didn’t get her name too) placed a cover on my top and legs.

Before threading began, an antiseptic (perhaps) was applied on my brows; it didn’t tingle at all. Then the threading began, it was what I remember it to be, not painful! I was even proud that I didn’t feel pain for I really have high tolerance for pain. I was told then to hold my eyelids firmly with my fingers, the lady was to groom the lower part of my eyebrows. And boy, was that painful! Since that part of the skin is soft and tender, there was more pain felt as the hair is pulled. I’m not exaggerating and being a drama queen here but tears literally roll down my face when my eyes are closed. Oh, all for vanity and good grooming! The brave me was already dreading the same painful process to be repeated on my other eye.

The nice lady tweezed and trimmed a bit of my brows, too. Tweezing made my eyebrows more sore. Whew! After the whole process of threading, tweezing and trimming, I was shown how my brows looked like. I was satisfied to see my clean and well-shaped brows which is not too bushy and not too thin either.

Then some eye cream was applied and that capped off my first browhaus experience. The whole process lasted more or less than 20minutes only. Besides the pain, which is expected, I was satisfied with the threading service I availed of last week. I’m definitely coming back again and I want to try the waxing services too.

Threading costs THB450 while Tweezing and Threading costs THB600. Tweezing is THB500. Browhaus Thailand offers a variety of other services including coloring the eyebrows, lash extension, lash curl up, and more. You can visit their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/browhaus.th for more information.



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Payday Shopping at CentralWorld

1 Oct


My blog is getting so much like a shopping blog :p I dunno why but my shopping sickness has kicked in and has been around for four months now. I promise this to be the last for the month though, as I am still waiting for my Gmarket and ebay purchases. I will be on shopping detox after this weekend. For real.

Anyway, I still decided to go out this afternoon because if I stayed home I will just be itching to buy something off Gmarket so I went to the mall so I can stretch my legs hehe. Actually, I was planning to go to Platinum Fashion Mall (This Bangkok mall is a treasure trove of goodies 🙂 It is a 5 or 6-storey shopping center where you can get clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, souvenirs, etc at wholesale prices. You have to allot at least half a day to scour every shop and find the best deals) instead of CentralWorld. Traffic was sooo bad that I had to get off the bus and took a cab to CentralWorld instead.

I checked out Aldo, next, Dorothy Perkins, Zara and UNIQLO. I just purchased three pairs of shoes in the past two months so no shoe purchase today. I found some nice dresses at Dorothy Perkins but I wanted to check out Forever 21 first. As I passed by B2S, a bookshop, I browsed the laptop bags quickly and found something that I like.

I got this green Case Logic bag not only because it was on sale but because I needed a bag for my portable DVD player. It will come in handy when I travel.

Case Logic Bag

Case Logic Bag

I went to Tony Moly afterwards. I found only the cheapest stuff because I have a lot of make up and my next Gmarket shopping will consist of Tony Moly products which are way cheaper than the prices here.

Tony Moly Mask Sheets & Nail Polishes

Tony Moly Mask Sheets & Nail Polishes

This is my first time to buy from Tony Moly Thailand. I only got 2 Green Tea Essential Mask Sheet Packs, Hyaluronic Acid Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask, Top Coat Nail Polish (TC01) and Glittery Yellow Nail Polish (PP02). I didn’t get any sample from this shop. I saw brochures (I think it was a Tony Moly product brochure) with Song Joong Ki on the cover which I wanted but it was not offered to me by the shop assistant so I didn’t ask for it anymore. I’ll just keep the plastic bag haha.

My next stop was The Face Shop. I really can’t resist coming in a Face Shop store; I think I buy from them 4 times a month. The products at The Face Shop may be a little pricey but they are well-adapted to my skin. I still have a lot of products so I just chose what I need for the moment. But, I really don’t need anything I think 😉

The Face Shop Emulsion, Masks & Blemish Patch

The Face Shop Emulsion, Masks & Blemish Patch

Oh! I’m having problems with my pimples on my chin and forehead now (boo!), so I chose products to address this need. I got a Quick & Clean Mild Emulsion, Kiwi Yoghurt Pack (Wash Off), and Clean Face White Intensive Blemish Clear Patch. Since I’m a Face Shop member and my purchase was quite a lot (I think) I wasn’t shy to ask for samples. I was given two mask sheets – Vita A Mask Sheet (Carrot and Avocado Extracts with skin firming) and Vita C Mask Sheet (Strawberry and Raspberry Extracts with skin tone brightening). I really don’t know why they don’t give away samples here.

I got a 20% discount with my mask and skincare purchase (I think they forgot to deduct a further 5% because I’m a member. I never check the receipt, that’s why). Oh, there was a table with products at 50% off. I didn’t find anything I like, though two of the nail polishes I bought yesterday were discounted that much at the CentralWorld branch. Tsk.

Despite not having eaten lunch and a-quite-sore feet, I still headed straight to Forever 21 to look for dresses that’s not too casual and not too serious which I can wear to work.

Forever 21 Dress, Pants & Make up Cleansing Tissues

Forever 21 Dress, Pants & Make up Cleansing Tissues

I only got a purple dress, black pants and Purederm Make up Cleansing Tissues for my next clothes shopping will be at Gmarket ;). Forever 21 has still the promotion that THB1,600 purchase will enable you to get a free watch. I got a red one this time. I already had a purple watch from shopping there last September.

After a quick lunch at KFC, my last shopping stop was at Bershka. I found lovely and relatively inexpensive shoes (from THB1,800-2,900)  with chunky sky high heels and platforms. I really want them but I resisted the temptation. There’s always a next time 😉

I finished my shopping for the day with an anticipated Mass at Holy Redeemer Church.

Tomorrow’s schedule? I’m going to Browhaus at Siam Discovery. I have yet to check if I need to make an appointment or can just walk in.

How’s your weekend so far? Hope y’all have a good one! Cheers!

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