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Nail Polish Shopping at The Face Shop

30 Sep

It’s payday today 🙂 I quickly browsed a few shops and checked out what stuff I can get. I got out of a couple of shops empty-handed but not in The Face Shop.

I needed or shall I say I wanted a few other things but they’re not available in The Face Shop at Siam Paragon (I’m planning to go to CentralWorld tomorrow anyway) so I just got these lovelies. There’s a 15% discount at all Face Shop items at Siam Paragon; I’m not sure when the promo will end though. (Off topic: All Philosophy items are at 40% off which I have yet to check  what the good deals are tomorrow.)

After a week of wearing red nail polish, I’m changing to the beige/ very light peach one (couldn’t quite read the code) tomorrow or most probably tonight.

 Note: I’ll post the individual nail polish photos later. I really don’t know what’s wrong but the lay out of the whole page gets messed up with those photos. 

The Face Shop Nail Nutrition Coat


The Face SHop BL604


Lovely ME:EX BR801

I just love, love colour on my nails. What’s your fave?