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Snapshots from Seoul: Incheon International Airport

24 Mar

NOTE: Incheon International Airport is not actually in Seoul but in Incheon (a city on the northwest part of South Korea) but for the sake of uniformity of my travel accounts in Seoul, I’m keeping the same heading 🙂

Incheon International Airport is South Korea’s biggest airport and has been voted as “world’s best airport” for a few years in a row.

Like my other posts, I did not have enough time to explore the different places we have visited and that’s what happened with our airport experience, too. I wasn’t able to see all the wonderful facilities it offers like the spa, skating rink, museum, gardens, and even the duty free shops.

Oh, another good thing about the airport is the free WiFi which is tops! The airport has also a train that connects to the airport’s other boarding gates.

It was also a breath of fresh air to not experience a hassle with the check-in process (I was in a group tour and we check in as a group. It was a long and strenous wait when we departed Bangkok, not to mention the chaotic immigration queue which took over an hour) and the immigration queue was a breeze.

Anyway, I was really delighted to catch the cultural parade in the airport. It was an apt farewell to us, tourists, who were bound to boarding our planes and going back home.

They play the roles of King and Queen from the Joseon Dynasty

I may have only seen perhaps 10% of the airport but compared to all the other airports in countries I have been to, I can say that Incheon International Airport is definitely one of the best!

Which other airports impressed you? Care to share?

Cheers 🙂

Back from South Korea…

3 Mar



Anyeonghaseyo! I just got back from a short visit to South Korea. Although I was in a group tour, I still had fun, sightseeing, eating, and most of all, shopping! There’s just so much to see there that my four-day trip is NOT AT ALL enough.

I still have a few Korean won left so I know I will be back 🙂 I especially miss the cold weather, too.

One thing I disliked about group tours is not having a free time to go to places I want to go. We are also compelled to go to places that we don’t like to visit… But I met new people and really maximised our time there…

Pictures of attractions and shopping hauls to follow 🙂

Taken at Incheon International Airport