Haul from Seoul: Innisfree

17 Mar


I am not really that familiar with Innisfree products but I know that their skincare products are also good. Aside from skincare products, they also have makeup and nail care lines.

I did not go to Innisfree in Myeongdong that’s why when I saw the tiny Innisfree branch in Hongdae, I seized the chance to have a look. I went there on our last day, when I was still unsure what the weight of luggage could be.

So I decided to just grab all things light 🙂 Here is my mini-haul…

The products that I got are:

– Natural Essential Masks in Banana, Kiwi and Avocado

– Jejubila Anti-Trouble Spot Patch

– Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack (Sachets)

– Q10 Collagen Eye Masks

The only sample that I got is a Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack since the cost of the items that I bought are approximately only USD12.00.

I haven’t tried any of the items I got yet since I have a lot of products on hand. Also, some of these items are for my sister and friends.

Have you tried Innisfree yet? What’s your favourite Innisfree product? Care to share?

Cheers 🙂

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