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The Skin House Wrinkle Snail System Cream

15 Mar

I got the snail cream here.

I got the Skin House Wrinkle Snail System Cream from Gmarket in November last year and I took some time to test it before I blogged about it. I forgot how much I got it for but I’m sure the price was not over KRW20000. I got the snail cream with two gifts: Skin House Lovely Kiss Lip Gloss and Skin House Speedy Recharge Water Mist.

This snail cream is the second brand of snail cream that I have tried. The first one I have tried is Secret Key Snail + EGF Gel Cream.

So, here’s my review of the Skin House Snail Cream. I have an oily/ combination skin and the weather here in Bangkok is usually hot and humid. Please do note that differences in skin types and probably weather conditions may result to different effects.

Price: The snail cream was a good value for money. It is now sold at KRW9900. I’m not sure if they still give out the same gifts.

Weight: 100mL

Packaging: The product comes in a plastic tub. It has a seal and a protective lid, too. There was no spillage during shipping.

Colour & Consistency: The snail cream looks white in the tub but when spread on the face it doesn’t make your face “ghost-like”; it actually is translucent when applied. For its consistency, it is sticky as how snail mucus should be. It seems thick yet runny.

Applicator: None. It doesn’t come with a spoon or spatula.

Smell: It has a very mild powdery smell.

Country of Origin/ Production: Made in Korea

Ingredients: I got the ingredients list in ebay and here they are: DI-water, 1.3BG, DPG, PG, MCT, Acacia Collagen, Liponic EG-1, Babasu Butter, Pionier0030, Squalane, PEG-90M, Natural Betain, Ar-165,TW-60, TSF-451-100, Kalcohol 6870, Carbopol 940, TSH7500, TSF-451-100

Directions: Use a minimal amount (probably half a teaspoon or less) for the entire face. Rub onto face and pat gently for total absorption. Please remember that the snail cream is really sticky and it takes time for skin absorption. Sometimes I skip using this snail cream in the morning because it is thick and it takes longer to absorb. I use more than half a teaspoon of the product at night especially when I get breakouts.

Effects (from ebay): moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin. It is recommended for acne scars, sensitive and tired skin due to environmental factors, skin pores losing elasticity, uneven dark skin tone, irritated skin from shaving or skin clinic procedures, and increasing fine wrinkles from losing moisture and elasticity.

My experience: One of the reasons it took me some time blogging about it is because I don’t really see that great an effect on my skin. I use to not wear it everyday because albeit I know that it should be sticky because it’s a snail cream, it’s just a hassle applying it in the morning when I am in a rush. I usually just use this at night because it makes my skin oilier in the daytime. My skin can be problematic at times so I don’t really put the blame entirely on the snail cream. What I really like about it though is that it gives my face a healthy look. When I went to Korea and my skin really got dry and dark, the snail cream did help revive my skin tone and elasticity just after a few days I got back. Although the snail cream does not keep me from having breakouts, it helps with drying the pimples after 4-5 days.

*** when I was in Korea in winter and I did not use a proper hydrating moisturiser, the snail cream was not really enough to moisturise my face.

Will I buy it again?: As there are many snail creams in the market, I would like to try other brands. But if there are good deals at Gmarket, I probably would 🙂

So, that’s my story with The Skin House’s Wrinkle Snail System Cream.

Have you tried it before? What’s your experience? Care to share?

Cheers! 🙂