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CNBlue Blue Storm in Bangkok-Postponed

7 Nov

Update: CNBlue Blue Storm in Bangkok is postponed for February 25, 2012. For more information and refund, please visit The website is in Thai and I am still waiting for a colleague to translate the particulars for me. I’ll post other details when I find out about it.

After contemplating whether or not I’d watch CN Blue’s concert in Bangkok, I finally gave in and got the ticket last week. I bought my ticket from Thai Ticket Major.  Two of my friends from the Philippines are coming over so they wanted me to join them. I like CN Blue and I haven’t seen them here despite them visiting often so I decided to just watch. I got the AR standing ticket which costs 4500 baht. Scotch Puree Berry endorsed by the band offers a 10% promotion to those who can show a proof of purchase (the intact box of the product) when buying the ticket. I took advantage of that so I got mine at a cheaper price.

The concert dubbed “CN Blue Blue Storm in Bangkok” is set on November 19, 2011 to be held at the Impact Arena.  I am so excited to watch, it will be my first concert with a Korean singer/ band performing 🙂 For more concert information, you can check out The website is in Thai, though.