My Gmarket (EMS) Package Got Taxed AGAIN

16 Oct


I am expecting my Gmarket haul this morning. I was worried I wouldn’t get my package AGAIN like what happened last week. And then, what I feared happened for the second time. All I got today was the claim stub indicating the amount I have to pay to get my package.

My order this time weighs 3.4kgs (last week was only 1.3kg) which is small compared to other hauls from other countries I read from different blogs. I really don’t know how things are done at the Thai Post Office or Customs or whatever. The EMS Call Center can’t tell me the reason behind the additional payment. It could be random and I got VERY lucky twice. Paying customs duty and tax I know is a legal responsibility but paying for two packages in a row is just too much for me, including the effort, time and additional expense of picking them up at the post office. It is just so frustrating. Part of the reason I do online shopping is the joy of receiving the package but all that’s been happening is the contrary, which is additional hassle and expense.

What could the reasons be? Do they think I’m gonna sell the items I ordered? Is it because the packages were sent via EMS? My packages sent by registered mail are delivered to me without any complications, but then again these packages don’t exceed 1kg. Oh, I remember a DHL package, sent to me five years ago, was taxed too. I really have no clue why I am being asked to pay customs duty and tax. Does anyone (who lives in Thailand) have a similar post office experience?


I think this is a sign to curb my Gmarket addiction. I was actually just waiting for this upcoming package to arrive before I purchase from the site again but I think I have to slow it down a bit. I can’t take any more of the complicated postal system for now.

Maybe next month again? 😉 I am not sure. I really don’t want my package to be taxed again. If only Gmarket has another shipping option then I can compare shipping types and test how the postal system works here.


4 Responses to “My Gmarket (EMS) Package Got Taxed AGAIN”

  1. Online Shopping In Pakistan October 17, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

    I love your attitude ,strength is very well in your work u have done great job thanks for sharing

  2. Patrick May 11, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    Hello, I have the same issue as yours and it’s the main reason why I am here as I was looking for some kind of explanation on the Internet. I bought some toy from a seller in the us. The value is 165 usd and I got a notice this morning that I have to pay 860 bht as tax or duty stuff… I’m really upset bht this as its only 0.8 kg. The other day I receive a carton of 2 ++ kgs from Japan and did not pay extras.

    I don’t know what happened really. Maybe we are unlucky people. But I will surely ask many qestions to those guys at my local post office because paying the extra fees.

    You are not alone, ugh I am here with you… Ehehehe

    Patrick N.

    • sjbkk May 14, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

      Hi Patrick,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. What explanation did they give you as to why you have to pay? When I asked before, they (post office and EMS staff) didn’t really give me a concrete answer; they just said it was random. Except for one package, all of my (only) EMS packages were taxed (lightest package at 1.3kg and heaviest at 6kg with -value ranging from US$30 – 100).

      • Patrick May 14, 2012 at 11:02 pm #

        Hello sj, well I went to the Prakanong post office. The guys told me that it’s the custom people who conduct the checking. For package with a total value less than 1,000 bht it is unlikely to get charged. So bigger value package have more changes to get checked. For those who received large package without being taxed it’s just luck. It’s doesn’t matter if you are Thai or a foreigner you will be treated the same. But you know what? on the day I collected and paid the fees I saw only foreigners, japanese and westerners. 😉

        Please check out this website:

        Hope it would help you.

        Bye now,
        Patrick N.

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