THANK YOU, Lord for good friends…

14 Oct

I think I am getting old… I left my wallet and coin purse in my apartment this morning and I have no loose coins or notes in my bag. Argh?! Imagine my embarrassment scouring my bag for my wallet as I have to pay my fare. Good thing, though, that the motorcycle taxi driver (yeah, we have motorcycle taxis here in Bangkok) knows me by face. He was super kind enough to tell me, “it’s okay”. I told him I will look for him this afternoon and give him the money. I was so relieved despite my embarrassment. Motorcycle fare – solved.

My next problem is my lunch and cab fare going home. I saw my colleague in the lift and I told her I left my wallet. She was kind enough to tell me that she can lend me some money. I told her 100 baht will be fine for me (I wasn’t planning to eat lunch :)) but she gave me more including a sandwich. I was so touched by her gesture. Brekkie-lunch-cab fare money – solved, too.

I owe these two good persons so much today.

Thank you, Lord for good friends and for making this day seem easier despite the difficulty of forgetting my wallet at home. Please bless them always. I promise I will pay it forward. Amen.


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