Nail Polish Love: Lovely ME:EX BR801

4 Oct

This is my first ever light-coloured pastel nail polish. This nail polish is from Lovely ME:EX, a sub-brand of The Face Shop, but I didn’t realise until I got home that it doesn’t have the brand name imprinted on the bottle like my other Lovely ME:EX bottle. I’m not sure if it’s unusual since this is only my second bottle from the same brand.

Anyway, on to the nail polish, I am not sure if my title “Nail Polish Love” is apt for this Lovely ME:EX variant. Its consistency is so thick and sticky that applying it on my nail is hard especially for a non-expert like me. The nail polish got lumpy and thick but I managed albeit not perfectly.

But apart from my ranting, I really like its light peach-flesh colour on my nails. I applied three layers of the nail polish to achieve the color in the bottle. The tint may not make my hand look fairer but I don’t mind. Also, besides it being inexpensive, I got it on a discount price so it was a good buy.

The three-layered nail polish cracked after three days, though.

Have you tried this one yet?


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