Nail Polish Love: Lovely ME:EX RD301

26 Sep
Nice red tint

Nice red tint

Nail polish makes me happy 😉

I have regained my love for painting my nails. I change my nail colour twice or thrice a week depending on my mood 😉

I love red nail polish and I’m glad to have bought and tried the Lovely ME:EX RD301 (weird name for a nail polish, right?) at The Face Shop in Central Rama 3 here in Bangkok. RD301 is bright pastel red which gives a youthful tinge. It’s perfect for the young and young-at-heart 😉

The nail polish consistency is not runny and not thick either so it was easy to apply on the nails.

I included pictures with RD301 on my nails. It’s not perfect with the smudges and all but in my opinion it’s still not bad considering my short and imperfectly-shaped nails.

Update: Lovely ME:EX RD301 is of good quality. It did not chip on my nails until the 6th day.

Care to share about your favourite nail polish or nail polish colour?


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