Holika Holika Haul

19 Sep
Holika Holika Products I am Using Now

These are the Holika Holika products I am using right now. I bought a lot of the products (with more products not included in the photo) because I want to become a member – all for the love of CN Blue. Anyway, a minimum purchase of THB2,500 entitles one of a membership. I don’t know what the perks are but I was given a Holika Holika umbrella, CN Blue plastic folder, make up kit, feather ballpen and a Bulgarian Rose travel set with my hefty purchase. The sales assistants didn’t want to give me a membership card, I had to ask them a number of times. I repeatedly told them that I live in Bangkok (perhaps, they don’t allow tourists a membership to the shop/brand?). Honestly, one of the sales assistants (I didn’t get her name) who works the till is not really friendly. She even scoffed at me at my substantial product haul which is really annoying. Hmph?! Sorry for the rant!

Anyway, Holika Holika products (the ones that I have and tried) are relatively harmless and do not have adverse effects on my skin. These products are also eye candy and packaged creatively, so if anything, the packaging is an attraction by itself. Oh, and also the price!
I will just introduce these products and give their prices; the reviews will follow soon 😉

Enamel Magic Liquid Eyeliner No. 01 Enamel Black (THB270)

Star Light Shimmering Pact (THB720)

Milky Veil Pore Cover BB (THB390)

Aqua Petit Jelly Blusher (THB390)

Aqua Muse Watery Lipstick OR205 (THB390)

HD Skinny Foundation (THB720)

Magic Pole Mascara 01 Power Volume (THB480)

P.S. Pardon my blurry pictures.

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